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How to Light a Fire and Cook Meat

Why Do This?

The creation of a fire only serves one purpose other than "being decorative", and that is to turn raw meat dropped by creatures into edible cooked meat.

Isla Prima Fire Pit Lit
Raw Meat plus Fire equals Cooked Meat

Light My Fire

What You Need

Desert Pines Fire Pit Near Storage
  1. A Fire Pit - These normally look like campfires. Two commonly used ones are on Isla Prima (at 106, 144) and in Desert Pines near storage (at 188, 99). A handful of fireplaces can also be used, such as the one in Tarsengaard storage.
  2. Wood - This can come in the form of Wood Branches or Wood Logs. Logs will make a longer-lasting fire. You can usually find a wood source nearby. Both examples have wood logs nearby you can harvest, for example.
  3. Fire Essence - You should already know how to make these yourself from doing the Tutorial NPC tutorial. They can also be bought from players, their bots, or the magic shops in White Stone.

Lighting the Fire

  1. Sit as close as possible to the fire pit.
  2. Using the "use with" fist cursor, click the wood (logs or branches) in your inventory so they attach to your cursor. Move your cursor over the on-map wood of the fire pit, and click that fire pit wood. If done correctly, you'll get a text message indicating this.
  3. In the same way, "use with" the fire essence on the fire pit wood on the map. You should now have a fire!

To keep it lit - Every few minutes, add more wood to the fire. As long as the fire is lit, you will not need another fire essence.

Not All Fire Pits Work - To know if one works, you can walk directly next to it, and use the "Use" pointy-finger arrow on the fire pit wood (or the wood in the fireplace in a building). If you see "Nothing happens" as a text response, then it's a working fire pit. No response means you can't start a fire there.

Making Meat Edible

What You Need

  1. A Working Fire - Per the fire making instructions.
  2. An empty inventory slot - For the cooked meat.
  3. Frying Pan (optional) - Can be manufactured, or bought from other players or their bots.

To Cook Meat

Sitting next to the fire, in the same way you added wood and fire to the fire pit above, "use with" raw meat in your inventory on the wood of the fire pit on the map.

A piece of raw meat will be replaced with a cooked meat. Repeat.

Faster Cooking with Frying Pan - If you have a Frying Pan, you can cook raw meat 10 at a time instead of 1! All you have to do is equip the frying pan (just like a sword), and cook the meat just like instructed for 1 piece. You need 2 Human Nexus to equip the pan.

Keep the Fire Burning! - If cooking a lot of meat, make sure to add wood to the fire every few minutes so the fire doesn't die. For best results, use wood logs for a longer fire burn rather than branches.