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NPC: Kiyana

Location: Glacmor Galienne's Fashion Runway

Coordinates: 161, 335

Start NPC for Quests:

  1. Tailoring Tutorial

A priest of tailoring goddess Galienne, he handles tailoring alterations at the Fashion Runway in Glacmor.


Speak the Words

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A lovely Draegoni maiden stands before you. She to be working diligently on some clothing alterations.

Who are you?
Oh hello there. My name is Kiyana, I'm one of the priests of Galienne and in charge of all the alterations here at the Fashion Runway. I'm also the one you would want to talk to if you wish to enroll here at the tailoring school.

She is my Goddess, the one who all tailors should worship in order to bless their craft. I, myself, feel blessed to be considered one of her priests. I started off as a muse, but now with all the years of service I put in, I was asked by Tyra to lead the tailoring school and Fashion Runway. It was quite an honor. *She smiles proudly.*

She's the head priestess of Galienne! Just walk through those doors to the right, and you'll find her. She has such amazing fashion sense... she can make something so simple seem so sensational!

It is what we call the traveling clerics of Galienne. You see, muses are known to cause inspiration. Galienne is the Goddess of Inspiration, and as She does, muses should also inspire those that wish to follow Galienne. Perhaps you've met Enora before? She's one of our muses traveling around Seridia to find new talent for Galienne. I wonder how she's doing.

Well you know... one size does NOT fit all around here. Try getting an Orchan to fit in a pair of pants that were made for an Elf. Trust me, it's not a pretty sight. I alter the outfits so they look good, no matter who's wearing them.

Fashion Runway
*She twirls* Look around you... you are backstage of the most spectacular and fabulous runway known to Draia! When any designer wants to show off their new collection, they come here to do it. People from all around the world flock to see the runway shows. Coral is in the audience all the time. She always sits in the exact same seat.

She's the fashion reporter for the Association of Scribes and Scholars. She can make or break you in the fashion industry. If she likes your designs, you'll seEL-DB.come everyone in Draia wearing them within the month. If she dislikes them... well... you might as well call it quits. She's that important to the fashion world.

Have a wonderful day. Let me know if you need those pants hemmed or altered!