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NPC: Aaron

Location: Morcraven Marsh Morcraven Cave Black Cloaks Meeting Hall

Coordinates: 18, 167

Commander of the Black Cloaks, a brotherhood that protects the people of Morcraven Marsh and helps keep the peace.


Speak the Words

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A man in a black cloak seems just on his way out but stops as he noticEL-DB.comes you. Tucking his sword into a worn belt he waits for you to speak.

Who are you?
Just here for questions huh? *He gives a slight sigh but seems willing to talk to you.* Well best be quick about it, I need to make sure the goblins aren't getting out of hand. I'm Aaron, commander of the Black Cloaks and this is our meeting hall since doubtless you're wondering about that too.

Aye, the ones outside in the cave. *He smirks slightly.* I'm sure you noticed them on your way in. It's my responsibility along with my brothers to make sure the creatures around here don't cause problems for miners and other travelers.

Black Cloaks
Ah, must be new around here. We keep the peace here in Morcraven, we're government, defense and most of the population all wrapped into one. The Marsh has been a dangerous land for years, even before The Great War and things just got worse after that. I came down here shortly after the war, was voted commander a year ago after Old Kettle died.

Basically we're a bunch of warriors protecting people in Morcraven. We mostly look after travelers, miners and the like. There's few residents in the Marsh that aren't part of the Brotherhood, but we protect them too. We keep the peace.

Meeting Hall
The room you're in. The Brotherhood of Black Cloaks meets here sometimes. Rarely do all of us meet - just a few now and then to receive assignments and commands is more often the norm. Most of the bigger meetings we hold in the South East where I let Tick command.

The Black Cloaks are a sworn Brotherhood, so that's what we call each other. If you see somebody in Morcraven with a black cloak, he's probably one of us and will use the term 'brothers' for all the rest of us.

Why'd you come here?
I was a general in the Great War, most of my companions have retired to semi-normal life since then, but I was one of the youngest. I came hEL-DB.comere to Morcraven since I don't have any family and few friends. Mostly all I know is fighting and The Brotherhood is a good place for that.

Old Kettle
He was commander of the Black Cloaks before me. Most of us have ridiculous names like that, though none have stuck to me yet. Kettle was born into the Brotherhood, he got that name back when he was just a boy making tea for the brothers. Obviously it never wore off, though people started adding Old to it when he was voted commander.

One of my brothers, he looks after our main fort of sorts in the south east of the Marsh. Most of the forts belong to The Brotherhood, they've all been built and defended by us over the years. But travelers and the like live in them too. Our rocky bastion in the south is the only place that's truly our own.

Voted Commander
Aye. Every time a commander passes on every brother gets a vote for our new one. I might have been fairly new to the brotherhood, but they voted me commander anyway. I'm certainly not new to fighting or commanding.

You seem to do a lot for MM
All of the brothers do. Most of us are just born into it, although some of us come from other lands. There aren't a lot of us, never have been, but various warriors pass through and help us out now and then. It's not a bad life, live and work with your friends... and Vesine gives us all the wine we want in thanks. *He winks.*

The lovely lady that sells wine down in Fort Caladak. She knows we do a lot to protect her and her customers, so she lets us drink what we like free of charge. Most of the folks around here are nice to The Brotherhood like that.

Do you get paid?
We're the government, so there isn't really anybody around to give us a salary. But people like Vesine give us what they can. Bower never charges us a coin for the supplies he gives us. Sometimes the miners, travelers, potioners and the like give us tips. Now and then one of us saves up enough coin that we depart for other places in Draia. But that's rare; mostly we're happy with our lives here.

He's the blacksmith down in Fort Caladak. He used to be one of us actually, 'til he put down the cloak to take up smithing, mostly just bows aEL-DB.comnd arrows. But he's always remembered us and never left the Marsh. We still think of him as a brother, even though he doesn't wear the cloak.

Good luck with the goblins.
*He laughs and pulls his sword back out of his belt.* Thanks! *He winks.* They shouldn't be too much of a problem for me, watch your back when you leave.