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Special Game Days

About Special Days

Special game days provide additional influences on game play during the six hours of that particular game day.

They can be positive, negative, or neutral.

These days can randomly appear at the start of a new game day. As well, some good days can be started by players through the use of special game day stones that can be dropped by high-level creatures, particularly through invances, instances, and invasions. A list of all of these stones can be seen on the Items > Magic page under "Special Day Stones".

There is also a special stone called the Bad Removal Day Stone, which can allow a player to remove any day listed as Bad on this page.

Full Day List

Every day, directly alphabetized by their official in-game name.
Good - Neutral - Bad

Good Days

Have a nice day!

Day of Alchemy
English: Today we get twice the alchemy experience.

Additional Details: All alchemy experience you get is doubled. This includes mixing, quest rewards, and you get 4x experience in schools rather than the normal 2x.
Advice 1: Hold off finishing any regular quests that give alchemy experience until this special day.
Advice 2: Keep a stash of ingredients ready for whatever alchemy item you can afford to mix in the school for when this day happens.
Day of Aleksei Stakhanov
Role-Play: Aleksei Stakhanov is in the town today, teaching harvesters how to harvest resources more effectively.
English: 3x experience for harvesting
Can be started with Day of Stakhanov Stone

Additional Details: All harvest experience you get is tripled. This includes hourly experience, quests, and any experience from events while harvesting.
Advice 1: If you're wanting to level harvesting, the best harvestable item is the one that gives the most experience that you have the nexus to harvest, where you can get the full hour's worth of experience in. It will do you no good to harvest too far over your level if you don't get the full 120 harvests (or up to 160 with perks) within the allotted hour.
Advice 2: If possible, do the Xaquelina harvesting daily and Kaleb's Dung daily on this game day. As well, hold off finishing other regular quests that give harvesting experience until this special day.
Advice 3: Wearing a Harvester Medallion during your hourly experience period will give a huge harvest boost if you get a Queen of Nature blessing.
Day of Alfred Nobel
Role-Play: Today Alfred Nobel is visiting us.
English: You get twice the engineering experience.
Can be started with Day of Alfred Nobel Stone

Additional Details: All engineering experience you get is doubled. This includes mixing, quest rewards, and you get 4x experience in schools rather than the normal 2x.
Advice 1: Hold off finishing any regular quests that give engineering experience until this special day.
Advice 2: Keep a stash of ingredients ready for whatever engineering item you can afford to mix in the school for when this day happens.
Day of Armor
English: Today players have a +4 armor bonus.

Additional Details: A +4 armor bonus is automatically added to you for combat, which will reduce the amount of damage you take.
Day of Bones
English: Today, everyone can eat bones. Some creatures will also drop more bones.

Additional Details: Skeletons and Armed Skeletons will drop more bones than normal. As well, every player can eat bones during this day, no need for the I Eat Dead People perk.
If you have the I Eat Dead People perk, then this is just a normal day for you.
Day of Evanescence
English: Today everyone (including mobs) have the Evanescence perk. (won't show in the perks list)

Additional Details: The Evanescence Perk gives a 10% chance of an attacker missing you when they should have hit you, reducing the number of times you get hit. However, on this day, everyone and everything has the perk, so you'll also miss 10% of the time when hitting creatures or players when you should have hit as well.
Day of Faster Respawns
English: All the creatures that respawn today have a shorter respawn time.
Can be started with Day of Faster respawns Stone

Additional Details: This day reduces the time you have to wait for a creature to respawn, allowing for a faster Haidir daily or just A/D training at a spawn location.
Day of Half Cooldowns
English: Today all cooldowns are half of the normal duration.
Can be started with Day of Half cooldowns Stone

Additional Details: Anything that has a cooldown when used, such as food, rings, potions, etc. will require only half the waiting time from normal to use them again.
Advice 1: When mixing, you might be able to use cheaper foods to mix without cooldown wait, depending on what you're mixing. Try it out depending on what you are mixing and the mix's food requirements.
Advice 2: This may also be useful when fighting, particularly in invasions for using spirit restoration potions.
Day of Joule
Role-Play: Today we celebrate James Prescott Joule.
English: Half the food for manufacturing/potion/etc. skills
Can be started with Joules Stone

Additional Details: The amount of food required to mix any item in any skill is cut in half for a successful mix. Note that if a mix fails, it will take the regular food amount.
Advice 1: Items that require 1 food normally will require no food at all. You can very easily mix fire and water essences for this reason, for examples.
Advice 2: Try using cheaper foods while mixing on this day. Depending on the required food for the mix, you may be able to handle higher cooldown times on food that you wouldn't on a normal day.
Day of Magic
English: Today you gain twice the magic experience.
Can be started with Day of Magic Stone

Additional Details: The amount of experience you get for every spell cast is doubled.
Advice 1: Waste spells! At low levels for example, you can sit at storage while mixing and poof Shield spells for the experience. You can do spells at any time to gain the magic experience, not just when you need them.
Advice 2: At higher magic levels, many have found a partner and gone to PK maps/areas to do Mana Drain spells on each other as a less expensive option. It requires some practice, and you always risk being attacked on a PK map.
Day of Mana
English: Today you get more mana from potions.

Additional Details: You get an additional 50% mana from Potion of Mana, Spirit Restoration, and Extra Mana.
Day of Manufacturing
English: Today we get twice the manufacturing experience.

Additional Details: All manufacturing experience you get is doubled. This includes mixing, quest rewards, and you get 4x experience in schools rather than the normal 2x.
Advice 1: Hold off finishing any regular quests that give manufacturing experience until this special day.
Advice 2: Keep a stash of Leather Helm ingredients ready for mixing them in a manufacturing school when this day happens.
Advice 3:The NPC Trik buys Leather Helms for only slightly less than the cost of ingredients. Take ingredients to Trik and mix next to him, selling the results. It'll still cost you, but much less than the school.
Day of Mushrooms
English: Today toadstools are quite a bit safer to eat.

Additional Details: The chance of getting poisoned when eating a Toadstool is reduced.
Advice: Though reduced, there's still the chance of being poisoned, so continue using the same cautiousness that you would on a normal day.
Day of No Grief
Role-Play: Today our planet is passing throughout an area in our universe where the electromagnetic law is slightly different, and this is causing the armors, weapons and clothes to not break for the duration of this day, from normal combat.
English: No weapons and armors break today (in combat).

Additional Details: No matter what you wear, it will not break in combat no matter how easily breakable it is otherwise. This is in combat only, tools for mixing and things like pickaxes will still break while harvesting. They won't break if you wear one while attacking a creature, though.
Note: You will not be breaking anything for armor or weapon break quests on this special day, so don't bother wearing them.
Advice: Wear your absolute best, this is the day to experiment and see what you can handle with higher creatures without risking breaking your best gear and weapons. (Remember to carry Disengagement Rings when trying new higher level creatures.)
Day of Positivity
English: Today some negative perks don't work.

Additional Details: Four negative perks won't be applicable on this day: Harvester of Sorrows, I Can't Dance, Powerhungry, and Hellspawn. If you don't have any of these four perks, then this is just a normal day.
Day of Recycling
Role-Play: Today we use the resources in a more efficient way, allowing for better production of items and animals.
English: 5% chance of not losing the ingredients while using the manufacture window.
Can be started with Day of Recycling Stone

Additional Details: Anything you put in the mixing window to mix, there's a slight chance you'll not just mix the item, but you'll keep the ingredients, costing you nothing to mix it.
Advice: This is the special day you want to mix higher level items, getting a chance to keep your expensive ingredients. Even if you have nothing high to mix, mixing lower level stuff will still give you bonus ingredients. Mixing on this day, of any kind, is a good thing.
Day of Robin Tell
English: The legendary Robin Tell is visiting us today, and all the ranging experience is doubled.
Can be started with Day of Robin Tell Stone

Additional Details: The amount of experience you get for every arrow or bolt you shoot is doubled.
Advice 1: This is a good day to head to the Ranging arenas in Grubani Peninsula or Irsis for the quickest possible experience.
Day of Running
English: Today we use less food while running.

Additional Details: When you have used a Speed Hax Potion, less food will be used while you're running.
Note: This does not change the requirement to use a potion to run, it only reduces the amount of food you'll need while actually running.
Day of Schools
English: Today if you use a school, you get 3 times the exp (instead of 2 times).
Can be started with Day of Schools Stone

Additional Details: Every school for every mixing skill will provide triple the experience instead of the normal double. This does not include arenas (summoning, fighting, ranging, or magic).
Advice: For mixing skills that you're trying to level, always keep a stock of ingredients for a good item to poof in school for when this day happens.
Day of Summoners
English: 2x summoning experience.
Can be started with Day of Summoners Stone

Additional Details: The amount of experience you get for summoning creatures or mixing summoning stones is doubled.
Advice 1: At lower levels, you can try mass-summoning creatures in summoning arenas, which require half the normal mana.
Advice 2: Wear a Conjurer Cloak (or have the Conurer Perk) when summoning creatures, as it cuts the mana cost in half. If you wear it while in a summoning arena, the mana required gets cut in half twice, down to 25% of normal required.
Advice 3: At higher levels, you should have 5 Animal Nexus so you can mix summoning stones. Mixing White Tiger Stones (if you have the furs) or Giant Spider Stones (if you don't) are the best options, as you can easily sell the mass amounts you'll make to Tanta in Port Anitora for decent money.
Day of Sun Tzu
Role-Play: Sun Tzu is in town, teaching people about how to be better at killing others.
English: 2x experience for attack and defense.
Can be started with Sun Tzu Stone

Additional Details: The amount of experience you get for attack and defense skills will double regardless of where the experience comes from.
Advice 1: If at all possible, get your Haidir and Daritha dailies done on this day.
Advice 2: Wait to turn in regular quests that provide attack or defense experience on this day.
Advice 3: Whatever your other best means of leveling A/D, find a good spawn and camp on it for this day.
Day of Tailoring
English: Today you get twice the tailoring exp.
Can be started with Day of Tailoring Stone

Additional Details: All tailoring experience you get is doubled. This includes mixing, quest rewards, and you get 4x experience in the school rather than the normal 2x.
Advice 1: Hold off finishing any regular quests that give tailoring experience until this special day.
Advice 2: As this is a particularly costly skill, you may want to wait until you're much more advanced before wasting ingredients in the school.
Advice 3: For lower levels, you may want to sell mixed dyes and white fabrics to one of the Tailoring shops (in Irinveron or Tarsengaard). They're bought for much less than the ingredient cost though, so it's still a money sink, just less of one than a school.
Day of the Horses
English: Today horses will last longer.
Day of the Print
English: Today there is a chance that once you read a book you will instantly assimilate the knowledge.

Additional Details: Every book requires a certain amount of time to "read" it. On this special day, when you click a book to read it, you have a chance of it being instantly read rather than taking any time.
Advice 1: If you can hold off reading a book until this day appears, give it a try. But if you're really needing the knowledge to continue your game play, then by all means get it over with, as this day doesn't occur often. Patience will get you a lot further in EL than waiting for a chance of instant gratification like this.
Advice 2: Consider keeping some Big Experience Books in storage to attempt to poof them on this day, for quick experience. They're perfect for this day as they are not necessary for contuing your game play, unlike knowledge books.
Healing Day
Role-Play: Today it is Aluwen's birthday, so everyone get their health restored much, much faster.
English: 5 health points restored every minute, regardless of food level.

Additional Details: Nothing much more to say, the 1 health point you normally get per minute healing becomes 5. Not helpful with high level fighting and such, but you may find it useful at times.
Increased Rare Manufacturing Day
Role-Play: All the Gods that patron manufacture related skills are happy, so that might reflect in you today's production of items.
English: Increased rate of producing a better product today while creating new items (Alching, manufacturing, etc.)

Additional Details: This day increases the chance to get a rare item while mixing, such as for example an Enriched Magic Essence while mixing Magic Essences.
Advice: While the increased chance isn't all that much, if you're needing to mix items that have a chance of a rare item, this is a good day to mix those.
Non Stop Day
English: Today you don't stop harvesting when you trigger a mini harvesting event.
Can be started with Day of Non Stop Stone

Additional Details: The description isn't quite correct. What actually happens is that there are no mini harvesting events on this day, so less stops while harvesting.
Note: This does not effect normal harvesting events, those where other people can see a message as to what happened to you. You'll still get those and stop for them. This includes one event where you simply "stop harvesting" for no reason.
Advice: Don't wear a Harvester Medallion on this day.
Reconstruction Day
Role-Play: For reasons unknown to us, perhaps a time space anomaly, some items do not dissapear after being used.
English: Today, there is a chance that when you use an item, it will not disappear from your inventory.
Can be started with Day of Reconstruction Stone

Additional Details: Any item you "use" when it's in your inventory (food, potions, rings, special stones, books, etc.) has the chance of not disappearing when you use it. This is a particularly useful day for using high end items like Nexus removal stones, Random Item/Experience Givers, and other costly items as you'll get the chance to not lose them on usage.
Note: The percent chance that the item won't disappear is random each time the day appears. The random percent chance will remain the same for the remainder of that particular game day.
Advice 1: Save your removal stones and anything else that's costly that you use from your inventory for this day, which tends to happen quite regularly due to stones being available for players to start it.
Advice 2: Watch channel 6 chat for a bit before using items. Some players test the day and can give a guess at the approximate chance. It may be incredibly low, so you may want to continue saving your items until another day where the chance may be higher.
Scholars Day
Role-Play: A group of scholars is visiting our lands, spreading knowledge all over. OOC: crappy explanation, no?
English: More experience in any skill, cumulative with the gods exp.

Additional Details: Experience in every skill gets increased by a random percentage, from 1% to believed to be around 40%. This includes all experience regardless of where it comes from.
Advice 1: This is a good day to do things in a skill you don't necessarily get a special day for, or special days for that skill are rare.
Advice 2: You can get a bonus from Big Experience Books, but the book has to actually finish on this special day, not just started.
Scientists Day
Role-Play: Umm, just read the English description, I don't feel like making a 'story' about it, it's 12 am and I have to go to work tomorrow. :D
English: No knowledge required today (for harvest, manufacture, alchemy, etc.).

Additional Details: On this day, you will not need to have read a book in order to mix or harvest items that require knowledge. You will still need the required nexus to do the mixing. This is only relevant to knowledge needed to mix or harvest, it is not applicable to the fighting books or anything else.

Neutral and Other Days

Many of these can be seen as good or bad depending on perspective. And a couple are technically just negative, but are here because they aren't considered a bad day by the server, so they can't be removed with a Bad Day Stone.

Day of Invasions
English: The invasions last more, are harder, and have a higher chance to happen.

Additional Details: The automated invasions (as announced by the GIWS system randomly at the start of the game hour) have a chance of occuring more often than normal. As well, the creatures that invade are much more powerful, including some high level creatures only seen in invances, instances, and some in invasions.
Day of Stronger Animals and Monsters
English: All the animals and monsters that respawn today get an a/d bonus.

Additional Details: Any creature that respawns on this day will have a random percent increase in strength, making them harder to kill. Players will get more experience per attack or defense as well that coincides with the strength. This only effects creatures with normal spawn locations. It will not affect any in invasions, instances, or invances as they aren't normal spawn creatures.
Day of the Dead
Role-Play: Mortos has some extra power today, so he will randomly save any living (or undead) being from it's ultimate fate.
English: This day, there is a random chance that when an entity dies (human or computer controlled) it will respawn full health where it died, without dropping.

Additional Details: When you kill a creature or player, or if you are killed yourself, there is a random chance that it will result in no death, and a complete restoration of health, continuing to battle as if nothing happened.
Advice 1: If you're training on a creature for experience and not drops, this is a good day as you can possibly spend more time on the spawn and less waiting for it to respawn.
Advice 2: This is not a good day for invasions, invances, and instances as you may find yourself having to "rekill" the same high level creature multiple times.
Decreased Harvesting Events Day
Role-Play: Gaia is pissed off today, she declared that today random events while harvesting will be even more rare.
English: Today there is reduced chance to trigger random harvesting events.

Additional Details: Reduced chance of getting a random regular harvesting event. This has no effect on mini events.
This day is considered good to those who want to have less harvesting stops, but it's considered bad for those that are hoping for a chance at a rare stone.
Decreased Rare Manufacturing day
Role-Play: All the gods that patron manufacture related skills are mad at j00, so that might reflect in your today's production of items.
English: Decreased rate of producing a better product today while creating new items (manufacture, alchemy, etc.).

Additional Details: There is a reduced chance of getting a rare item while mixing than normal.
This is technically a bad day, but is listed as neutral both because the effect it has is minimal, and it cannot be removed via Bad Day Removal Stone.
Increased Harvesting Events Day
Role-Play: Gaia is happy today, she is granting additional random events to those that harvest today.
English: Today there is an increased chance to trigger random harvesting events.

Additional Details: Increased chance of getting a random regular harvesting event. This has no effect on mini events.
This day is considered bad to those who want to have less harvesting stops, but it's considered good for those that are hoping for a chance at a rare stone.
Leonard's Day
English: Leonard is very happy today, so he is considerably stronger, and stays awake the whole day.

Additional Details: The alpha kitty Leonard will remain awake and on the prowl for the entire day, not going to sleep during the day.
Advice 1: Lower-level players should be just as cautious during the day as they would be at night of the kitty finding them.
No Drops Day
English: No items drop when players or AI die. Rostogol stones will disappear as usually though.

Additional Details: Neither players nor creatures will drop anything on this day when they die. It's considered a good day for exploration as well as testing out higher level creatures to see what you can beat with your best gear. It's considered a bad day for those who are trying to collect bones and fur, or for doing invasions, instances, or invances as those will not drop anything either.
Advice 1: Do NOT carry a Rostogol Stone on this day! It will disappear if you die even on this day. You don't need it.
Advice 2: Put your best gear on, and try attacking creatures you're not sure you can beat. Worst case you have to walk back from the underworld, but you won't lose anything unless it gets broken during combat.
Advice 3: This is a good day to hit higher level creatures wearing only things you need to break for break quests.
Peace Day
Role-Play: Today we celebrate life and, as such, we will not fight with each other, nor will will harm any life form.
English: No fighting today, you can't attack players, animals or monsters, and the animals or monsters won't attack you either.

Additional Details: On this day, you cannot attack anyone, nor can you be attacked. As well, no spells that affect another play, be they Harm or Remote Heal, will work. This is considered a good day to explore places you wouldn't normally dare try to go, but bad for those who want to train their a/d or participate in instances or invances.
IMPORTANT! Mines will still work. If you are in a PK area, you can still be subjected to damage from a mine, however there's only a few locations people will try to waste mines. As well, if you have the One perk, you're still subject to mine damage at any location.
Advice: Use this time to explore places you've been afraid to go, maybe even look for secrets or just get to know the maps you're unfamiliar with.

Bad Days

Every day listed here can be removed with a Bad Removal Day Stone by players.

Acid Rain Day
Role-Play: Our scientists have discovered an increase in the acidity of the rain, due to the increased pollution from the dwarf and gnome factories. Anyone being hit by the rain might lose some of the items they wear.
English: Each minute you spend outside when it rains, there is a chance for the items you WEAR to get damaged and disappear.

Additional Details: Anything you are wearing while outside on a map that has the potential for rain or snow can suddenly be destroyed at random on a minute-by-minute basis. Your items are safe if you are indoors such as in a cave or building, or on some maps where there is no rain such as Isla Prima or Desert Pines.
IMPORTANT! Items that break due to acid rain will NOT count for break quests. Those must be broken in battle only.
Advice: While you can't break stuff for the break quest with acid rain, you can use the rain to DEGRADE an item. Items that degrade before they break can be degraded using the rain, then removed and broken later in combat.
Day of Fasting
Role-Play: Today is the day when we pay respect to our gods, whether we respect them or not :D
English: No eating this day. Yeah, I know, you hate us.

Additional Details: No food. This puts a stop to mixing, running, or reading books since that requires positive food. The only option to get a small burst of food is to use a Rabbit Token, but that's too limited to use as a regular food source.
Day of Murphy
Role-Play: Anything that can go wrong, will.
English: ALL the failures are critical (ingredients lost)

Additional Details: This is a bad day to mix anything. Normally a lot of your failed mixes don't result in ingredient loss. On this day, you'll lose the ingredients with every single failure.
Day of No Rostogols
English: Today the rostogol stones do not work.

Additional Details: It is a day to be careful if you're wearing your high level gear, as you will still drop items if you die even with a Rostogol Stone. Worse, you'll also still lose the Rosto when you die. You will still get bonus experience if you have a Rosto on you and have the Briks R Exp perk. This day only affects you if you die with a Rosto on you.
Day of the Brave
Role-Play: Today everyone is so brave, so that no one can flee from a fight. So all fights are to the death.
English: no fleeing today (not even with a Ring of Disengagement).

Additional Details: Once you attack something, or it attacks you, it's a battle to the death. Neither party can disengage by any means.
Advice: Avoid attacking anything you can't handle, and avoid going to maps where there are creatures that attack you that you can't handle.
Green Day
Role-Play: Today we honor Mother Nature by not stripping her of her resources.
English: No harvesting of any kind today.

Additional Details: Nothing can be harvested on this day. At all.
Labour Day
Role-Play: today we celebrate the labour day, by... umm, not working. Makes perfect sense, doesn't it?
English: No manufacturing (anything requiring the mix window) today.

Additional Details: On this day, you cannot use the mix window for anything. Not even summoning.
Solar Flares Day
Role-Play: Our scientists have noticed a solar activity increase, so the UV rays and the solar wind are going to cause damage to all living beings (Isla Prima not affected). We recommend staying indoors during the daytime.
English: Today, if you are out at daytime, you lose 2 hp/minute.

Additional Details: During daytime hours (0:30 to 3:30 game time), you will lose 2 hp health every minute.
Advice: Stay indoors as much as possible. You will be safe outside so long as you don't AFK for long periods and keep your health up.