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About Alchemy

Alchemy is one of the more vital mixing skills, as the items made with it are necessary for use in many of the other skils.

This can be essences needed as reagents for magic spells, bars necessary for crafting rings or manufacturing armors, or more.

Needed Nexus

No Nexus are required for any Alchemy items.

Leveling Alchemy

Leveling in this skill is done by mixing items.

God: You can get up to 20% additional experience while mixing if you worship Elandria, the alchemy goddess.

Schools: There are alchemy schools (listed below) where you can mix items and get double experience, though you get no mixed product, for speed leveling.

Special Day: Day of Alchemy doesn't happen often, but when it does, you can get double your normal alchemy experience. Using a school on this day will give you 4x your normal experience.

Special Day 2: Day of Schools is much more common since players can start it with a special stone. You can use an alchemy school on this day to get 3x your normal experience.

Tutorial Quest: A tutorial Quest exists for Alchemy, in which you mix almost every item in the skill from easiest to hardest for bonus experience.

Alchemy Schools

Using a school will give you double the experience when you mix inside it. However, you will not get the item that you mixed. It's solely for experience, and can be costly. Only mix what you can afford to lose!

Desert Pines - The Alchemical Academy
In the southwest desert tropics. This is the school that has the NPC which gives you the Alchemy Tutorial Quest.
Morcraven Marsh - Alchemy School
On the east side of the map
White Stone
The northeast part of the map, just below Forest of the Fall
Emerald Valley Trade Route
The platform in the center of the north end of the map. It's also where the Ring of EVTR drops players.
Glacmor - Skill Academy
On the East side of Glacmor. The alchemy school is in the large area just steps away from the storage NPC.
Palon Vertas - Magic School
Alchemy Classroom and Alchemy Laboratory
Two rooms within the school building in the northwest corner of PV.

All Mixable Items

Click the column names to select the order.

ItemRec LvlBase Exp
Air EssenceAir Essence625
Bones PowderBones Powder01
Bronze BarBronze Bar36800
Copper BarCopper Bar34800
Death EssenceDeath Essence1660
Dvarium BarDvarium Bar702000
Earth EssenceEarth Essence420
Energy EssenceEnergy Essence1245
Enriched Fire EssenceEnriched Fire Essence56700
Enriched Life EssenceEnriched Life Essence48500
Enriched Magic EssenceEnriched Magic Essence54600
Fire EssenceFire Essence16
Gold BarGold Bar28170
Health EssenceHealth Essence1870
Hydrogenium BarHydrogenium Bar501000
Iron BarIron Bar22120
Life EssenceLife Essence1450
Magic EssenceMagic Essence2080
Matter ConglomerateMatter Conglomerate23200
Matter EssenceMatter Essence1040
Seridium BarSeridium Bar52800
Silver BarSilver Bar26155
Spirit EssenceSpirit Essence835
Steel BarSteel Bar24140
Tin BarTin Bar32600
Titanium BarTitanium Bar30180
Water EssenceWater Essence210
Wolfram BarWolfram Bar601500
ItemRec LvlBase Exp