The Unofficial Eternal Lands Database
Client version 1.9.6

About EL-DB

The Basics

EL-DB is a database of information about the game Eternal Lands presented as a website.

It is not a wiki, nor are there currently any available means to provide or correct information.

Work is continuing on the site, and some means of doing these things may be a part of future additions.

EL_DB (the player name in the game, used for confirming your account name or reporting bad info) is not a bot, at least not at this time. It is set up solely to accept PMs for these purposes. It is not monitored, instead is checked on occasionally and PMs handled. Do not expect responses. Info sent to it will be dealt with as soon as is humanly possible.

I Found a Mistake!

For now, you can leave a message with character /EL_DB in the game. No response assured, but if there's an issue it'll be looked into.

You can /mercator tell EL_DB if EL_DB is not online.

A better system will be implemented soon.


EL-DB is run with no ads or fees.

It's not necessary, but if you do wish to do something to help cover hosting and domain costs, you can donate any amount you wish via my @FlamesWorld account.

Donate via
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No Paypal but want to help? Check my bot IWannaRock and sell it something I'm buying. It pays fair prices.

Privacy Policies

Account Name: To prevent pretending to be another player, a confirmation code is used in the game to confirm you are the player with the account name you signed up with. Using a name that's not yours can result in deletion of the account without notice.

Password: Passwords are stored in an encrypted format so not even the site owner will be able to see it. However, for your safety, you should never use the same password as you have in the game.

Cookies: The only cookies used on this site are to keep you logged in when you log in. This site has no advertising, analytical trackers, or other third-party cookies. Log-In cookies become automatically invalid after you close your browser. If you select "remain logged in", the login cookies will remain valid for a maximum of 30 days after your last visit.
(Any possible Youtube videos embedded in the site may come with their own cookies, uncontrollable by this site. These videos will be identifiable by the Youtube logo.)

E-Mail: Your e-mail address is never provided to anyone for any reason. It is used solely for necessary site use such as if you need to recover your password. - E-mail address inclusion will be added in the future as an optional addition.

Content Added By You: Entered content falls into two categories:

  • Public Content - This can be seen by anyone who visits the site. It includes things such as comments or general information about an item or creature drop or such. (This info is for future features. All current input is for private use.)
  • Private Content - Possible favorite locations, secrets you've found, etc., will only be visible to you. Possible future Group Projects you create will only be visible to you and those in the group. Only the site owner (Burn) has access to the database and can technically see it if necessary for bug issues. Not even site moderators will have access to your private content. Note that your private content that is relevant to an issue may be provided to moderators during a bug report or other issue, but you will have to consent to it first, and only the necessary content will be provided. (Much of this is referring to possible future features.)

Deleting Your Account: You can delete your account at any time. This is currently handled by a human, and will be done as soon as is... humanly... possible. If you are certain you want to delete your account here, go in-game and PM using your character with this specific account name: /EL_DB Delete my account