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While you're able to view most information just fine without an account, there are some benefits to having an account, both current and future!

Items with lines through them are future possibilities.

  • Secret Tracker! - Can you find every secret? Enter secrets as you find them here, and it'll tell you how many you still need to find. You'll also get hints on where to look! As well, all secret locations you've found will show on Map pages here when you're logged in.
  • Guild Map Tracker - Guild maps aren't included in the secrets. As well, no hints or any information will be given about them. But you can keep track of which ones you've found here.
  • Project Maker - Get a breakdown of ingredients and such to make X amount of something, including breaking down the ingredients. Track how far you've come along. Later functions will allow you to give others access to the project.
  • Site Input - Some pages may have the ability to add comments or such in the future. This will only be available to members.
  • Personalized Content - Bookmark commonly used pages to show on the front of the site for quick access, (privately) have item info show with stats based on your levels and such, and more. (For example, mix experience shows based on your rationality and gods.)

Lost Password?

An automated password fix system for the site is still in the process of being made. Meanwhile, do the following:

Send a PM to /EL_DB in the game saying you lost your password.

This is not automated, so it may take time for a response. But you will eventually receive one (or one will be left with mercator) with a new password for you to use to initially log in.

Once you log in with that password, you can change it to something you prefer on your account page.