The Unofficial Eternal Lands Database
Client version 1.9.6


Tutorial Quests

In addition to the listed bonus experience, for the mixing tutorials you will also get your normal school experience when mixing items.

  1. Alchemy Tutorial
    Start NPC: Ayelle
    Mix essentially every alchemy item from lowest to highest.

    Reward Experience: 445,400xp Alchemy

  2. Combat Tutorial
    Start NPC: Novac
    Kill a specific spawn of each of the majority of creatures in the game, from lowest to highest.

    Reward Experience: 281,900xp Attack, 281,900xp Defense

    Reward Special: Vanquisher Perk (+1 a/d in combat)

  3. Crafting Tutorial
    Start NPC: Azra
    Mix essentially every crafting item from lowest to highest.

    Reward Experience: 600,500xp Crafting

  4. Engineering Tutorial
    Start NPC: Eva
    Mix the majority of engineering items, from lowest to highest.

    Reward Experience: 532,700xp Engineering

  5. Harvesting Tutorial
    Start NPC: Elle
    Harvest every flower, mineral, and ore at specific locations, from lowest level to highest. Some must be done during specific game times.

    Reward Experience: 442,500xp Harvesting

  6. Manufacturing Tutorial
    Start NPC: Bruno
    Mix a good majority of all manufacturing items from lowest to highest.

    Reward Experience: 567,700xp Manufacturing

    Reward Items: 1 Bad Day Removal

    Reward Special: Child of Stars Perk (no negative make rare/fail or harv astro)

  7. Potion Tutorial
    Start NPC: Portia
    Mix essentially every potion item from lowest to highest.

    Reward Experience: 477,700xp Potion

  8. Summoning Supplies
    Start NPC: Ios
    Gather amounts of various furs, skins, and other creature parts from low to high level. Closest to a summoning tutorial that we'll get. (This is not the Summon Daily.)

    Reward Experience: 100,300xp Summoning

    Reward Items: 56,100

  9. Tailoring Tutorial
    Start NPC: Kiyana
    Mix a large selection of tailor-made items, from lowest to highest.

    Reward Experience: 532,700xp Tailoring

    Reward Items: 1 Santa Hat, 1 Joules Stone

Low Level Quests

  1. Beginner Tutorial
    Start NPC: Tutorial NPC
    It all starts here, learn the basics of how Eternal Lands works.

    Reward Experience: 4,200xp Attack, 2,200xp Defense, 2,700xp Harvesting, 1,400xp Alchemy, 3,000xp Magic, 2,000xp Manufacturing

    Reward Items: 1,500 , 1 Leather Pants, 1 Padded Leather Armor, 1 Leather Helm, 1 Iron Sword, 10 Red Rose, 10 Red Snapdragons, 10 Sulfur

  2. Blast From the Past
    Start NPC: Lasud
    Learn about your past and some magic basics. (A simple knowledge quest, no rewards.)
  3. Bow-Legged
    Start NPC: Kyra
    Help is needed with supplies to make a new bow.

    Reward Items: 1 Short Bow, 100 Training arrows

  4. Elven Party
    Start NPC: Vaesura
    Find a list of elves throughout Seridia to invite to a council party.

    Reward Experience: 20,000xp Ranging

  5. Kelcha's Dream

    Prerequisite Quest: Repair Quest

    Start NPC: Kelcha
    Find a flower from Kelcha's dream.

    Reward Special: Kelcha will sell you bulk leather cheap, 75 leathers for 350gc.

  6. Manufacturing Beginner's Quest
    Start NPC: Granny Lorpak
    Help Granny with some manufacturing stuff.

    Reward Experience: 1,000xp Manufacturing

    Reward Items: 1 Leather Boots

  7. Master and Apprentice
    Start NPC: Christopher
    Apprentice Christopher needs assistance finding his Master.

    Reward Experience: 1,500xp Crafting

    Reward Items: 2 Ring of Valley of the Dwarves, 1 Ring of Portland, 2 Ring of Disengagement

  8. Mixture Mayhem

    Prerequisite Quest: Seridia Journey

    Start NPC: Reca
    Reca needs help getting potions to others.

    Reward Experience: 10,000xp Potion

    Reward Items: 1 Potion of Extra Mana, 1 Potion of Great Healing

  9. Repair Quest
    Start NPC: Tankel
    Run some errands for Tankel.

    Reward Special: Tankel will attempt to repair your damaged items.

  10. Seridia Journey

    Prerequisite Quest: Blast From the Past

    Start NPC: The Wraith
    The Wraith sends you on journies around Seridia to learn about the various locations. You only get experience in ONE of the listed skills, which you get to choose.

    Reward Experience: 1,000xp Attack, 1,000xp Defense, 1,000xp Harvesting, 1,000xp Alchemy, 1,000xp Magic, 1,000xp Potion, 1,000xp Summoning, 1,000xp Manufacturing, 1,000xp Crafting

  11. The Need for Armor
    Start NPC: Daritha
    Assist Daritha by providing leather armor. (This is not the Daily quest.)

    Reward Experience: 60,000xp Attack, 60,000xp Defense

  12. Wine Quest
    Start NPC: Latis
    Provide some assistance for the winery.

    Reward Special: Vesine in Morcraven Marsh will sell you bulk wine cheap, batches of 20 bottles for 15gc.

High Level Quests

  1. All Oiled Up
    Start NPC: Strajer
    Strajer needs help getting his oil supply for the city lamps.

    Reward Experience: 75,000xp Attack, 75,000xp Defense

    Reward Items: 100 Treasure finder

  2. Blacksmith's Dvarium
    Start NPC: Jandir
    Provide Dvarium.

    Reward Experience: 35,000xp Manufacturing

  3. Borrowed Books
    Start NPC: Shayna
    Shayna needs help getting some borrowed books returned. Nothing's ever that simple.

    Reward Experience: 30,000xp Magic, 20,000xp Attack, 20,000xp Defense, 10,000xp Engineering

  4. Church Builder
    Start NPC: Caton
    A donation is needed to rebuild a church in Palon Vertas.

    Reward Experience: 10,000xp Alchemy, 10,000xp Magic, 8,000xp Tailoring, 8,000xp Engineering

  5. Clogged Sewers

    Prerequisite Quest: Kelcha's Dream

    Start NPC: Lord Luxin
    Lord Luxin needs you to clear the drains in the sewers using wooden staves.

    Reward Experience: 10,000xp Attack, 10,000xp Defense, 3,000xp Engineering

  6. Dagger Training
    Start NPC: Patrick
    For a fee, you get some training with daggers.

    Reward Experience: 40,000xp Attack

  7. Finding Irilium
    Start NPC: Yinta
    Yinta needs you to find Irilium from various locations.

    Reward Experience: 50,000xp Harvesting

  8. Haidir's Pest Extermination
    Start NPC: Haidir
    Haidir needs you to kill several creatures for him. (This is not the Daily quest.)

    Reward Experience: 40,000xp Attack, 40,000xp Defense

  9. Lost Axe
    Start NPC: Henk
    Henk needs help finding his special axe.

    Reward Experience: 100,000xp Harvesting, 80,000xp Attack

  10. Lost Scroll
    Start NPC: Osold
    Osold needs help finding a scroll.

    Reward Experience: 20,000xp Attack, 10,000xp Defense, 15,000xp Ranging

  11. Master of Rings
    Start NPC: Lustra
    Most every teleport ring needs to be tested.

    Reward Experience: 40,000xp Magic, 30,000xp Attack, 30,000xp Defense

  12. Medallion Quest 1
    A magickal medallion found while battling a creature leads to an unexpected journey. (You must kill "Bob" the goblin in Portland to start this quest.)

    Reward Experience: 80,000xp Engineering

  13. Medallion Quest 2: Highway to Heaven

    Prerequisite Quest: Medallion Quest 1

    Start NPC: Elevy
    [INCOMPLETE - EXPENSIVE WITH NO REWARD - NOT RECOMMENDED] The medallion leads to further adventures.
  14. Novac's Potion 1

    Prerequisite Quest: Combat Tutorial

    Start NPC: Novac
    You are needed to kill very specific creatures for a potion. (Not normal spawns, can appear on many maps, including where creature is not normally seen.)
    You must kill the fox in the Combat tutorial before this quest appears.

    Reward Experience: 100,000xp Attack, 100,000xp Defense

  15. Novac's Potion 2

    Prerequisite Quest: Novac's Potion 1

    Start NPC: Novac
    You're needed to kill even more creatures for another potion. Like the first, these are not normal spawns and can appear on any of multiple maps.

    Reward Experience: 100,000xp Attack, 100,000xp Defense

  16. Oranges for My Big Belly
    Start NPC: Logan
    Provide oranges to get the ability to eat more.

    Reward Special: Big Belly Perk (maximum food level increases to 100)

  17. Perfume Ingredient Search
    Start NPC: Xaquelina
    Some very specific items need to be harvested for a perfume in particular locations, and sometimes at specific times. (Inorganic 4 nexus required to harvest everything.)

    Reward Experience: 100,000xp Harvesting

  18. Pie-Eating Contest
    Start NPC: Hyutan
    A huge number of pies need to be made for a contest. You're needed to gather ingredients.

    Reward Experience: 40,000xp Potion, 40,000xp Magic

  19. Portia's Debt
    Start NPC: Portia
    Portia needs money, but doesn't want to get it from Sloan at the bank due to his bad reputation.

    Reward Experience: 10,000xp Potion

  20. Serpa's Sslessars
    Start NPC: Serpa
    Serpa needs some Sslessar stones.

    Reward Experience: 40,000xp Summoning

  21. Special Sword
    Start NPC: Ellia
    Ellia needs you to get her a special sword to give to her brother.

    Reward Experience: 50,000xp Summoning

  22. The Wizard's Passage
    Start NPC: Quello
    Help a native of Dra Syn with a translation.

    Reward Experience: 20,000xp Magic, 10,000xp Alchemy, 10,000xp Crafting, 10,000xp Manufacturing

    Reward Special: Quello will transport you across to Dra Syn in the cave on request.
    20,000 extra magic experience if you give Kalana 10,000gc.

  23. Treasure of Nordcarn
    Start NPC: Koki
    Koki needs your help with finding a treasure.

    Reward Experience: 10,000xp Summoning

    Reward Items: 1 Fox Scarf

  24. Underground Resistance 1
    Start NPC: Bertan
    Your help is needed in finding some relay locations.

    Reward Experience: 20,000xp Engineering

  25. Underground Resistance 2: Ground Detectors

    Prerequisite Quest: Underground Resistance 1

    Start NPC: Bertan
    Stalagmites make for good ground detectors? You have to find them in specific places throughout Draia.

    Reward Experience: 20,000xp Engineering

  26. Wimmip's Diseased Creatures
    Start NPC: Wimmip
    5 creatures around Draia are diseased and need to be killed.

    Reward Experience: 35,000xp Attack, 35,000xp Defense, 10,000xp Summoning, 10,000xp Ranging

Break Quests

Items must be broken while being worn in battle with a creature or other player.
Acid Rain will not count.

  1. Alone I Break 1
    Start NPC: Gerund
    You need to break multiple weapons, most but not all being great swords.

    Reward Experience: 200,000xp Attack, 200,000xp Defense, 100,000xp Manufacturing

    Reward Special: Never Gonna Miss You perk (permanent +2 accuracy)

  2. Alone I Break 2

    Prerequisite Quest: Alone I Break 1

    Start NPC: Gerund
    Another round of weapon breaking, including various staves, axes, and more.

    Reward Experience: 200,000xp Attack, 200,000xp Defense

    Reward Special: Deadly Accuracy perk (removes negative accuracy astrology)

  3. Broken Armors 1
    Start NPC: Vixen
    Break iron, steel, and titanium armors in battle.

    Reward Experience: 45,000xp Attack, 45,000xp Defense

    Reward Special: Armor Master Perk (permanent +1 armor)

  4. Broken Armors 2

    Prerequisite Quest: Broken Armors 1

    Start NPC: Vixen
    Break full sets or red, black, and ice dragon armors.

    Reward Experience: 60,000xp Attack, 60,000xp Defense

    Reward Special: Armor Master Pro perk (permanent +1 armor)

  5. Buni's Armor Breaking
    Start NPC: Buni
    Buni asks you to break a number of low-level armors.

    Reward Experience: 80,000xp Attack, 80,000xp Defense

Daily Quests

  1. Armor and Weapon Supply Daily
    Start NPC: Daritha
    Provide a certain number of random armors and weapons for attack and defense experience (and in certain cases other rewards).
  2. Clothes Breaking Daily
    Start NPC: Lord Luxin
    You must break a specific tailoring clothes item in Desert Pines arena (without using a BROD) for tailoring experience and gc.
  3. Combat Daily
    Start NPC: Haidir
    Fight a specific number of a creature on a specific map for attack and defense experience.
  4. Dung Harvesting Quest
    Start NPC: Kaleb
    A lot of dung is needed, every day. Harvesting experience received depends on harvesting level.
  5. Engineering Daily
    Start NPC: Minel
    Place engineering items at certain locations for engineering experience. (You must be level 25 engineering in order to do this daily.)
  6. Harvesting Daily
    Start NPC: Xaquelina
    Harvest flowers from specific locations on specific maps for a perfume.
  7. Mule Daily
    Start NPC: Tatu
    Shapeshift into a mule to carry a high amount of something to an NPC. Reward depends on which random NPC you're sent to.
  8. Summoning Daily
    Start NPC: Maia
    Provide a number of furs, skins, and other creature parts for summoning experience. (Items should be in your storage, not inventory.)
  9. Temps R Us Daily
    Start NPC: Dorel
    A varied random quest that gives varied rewards.