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About Summoning

Summoning is the creation of creatures to do your bidding. It's done by mixing ingredients just like any mixing skill, except you get the summoned creatures instead of an inventory item.

Summoning is also partly a mixing skill, as you can mix summoning stones and shapeshifter glyphs at higher levels.

Needed Nexus

A few low-level summons require no nexus, so you can get a start without pickpoints being used.

Animal - You'll need anywhere from 1 to 6 Animal Nexus to summon higher creatures.
For mixing stones or glyphs, you'll need 5 or 6 Animal Nexus for any of them.

Summoning Arenas

Using a summoning arena will allow you to summon creatures using only half the normally required mana. Arenas are not schools, so you do not get extra experience.

Southern Kilaran Field
Located in the northwest corner of the map, inside the circular area.
Tahraji Desert
The Matajin Summoning Arena is not PK, unlike the rest of the map. Because there's no cooldown on this map, it can make for very quick summoning with no waiting to refill your mana.
White Stone
Near Grahm's Village.
Aeth Aelfan - Lothalith Fortress
A room in the northern part of the building.
Arius - Magic School - Summoning Arena
A room in the lower level of the school building.
Melinis - Summoning Academy
Desert Arena, Mountain Arena, and Tournament Arena
The Summoning Academy is in the northwest part of Melinis. A sewer passage in its Storage Room provides safe passage to and from storage.
All 3 arenas also include Fast Regeneration (5 times normal health and mana regeneration).
Willowvine Forest - Skill Academy - Summoning Arena
A room within the academy. Walking to storage and back does not require closing the storage window.

The Details

A summons' attack and defense are determined through a combination of the creature's normal a/d levels, and your summoning level. This gets capped at summoning level 100. Summons will not get stronger beyond that level.

Continuing to level beyond 100 will, of course, have the same value as any skill, reducing fails.

(Approximate) Summons A/D

No official info is given, but the best approximation given for how strong your summons will be is:

  1. Attack = (Creature's natural Attack) * (100 + (Summ Level/2))%
    This would have its attack at 100% up to 150% of its natural attack.
  2. Defense = (Creature's natural Defense) * (50 + (Summ Level/2))%
    This would have its defense at 50% up to 100% of its natural defense.

So, prior to level 100, the creatures have a lower defense than they would normally. But their attack level is always at or above their normal attack level.

The above calculations are "best guess" and subject to change.

Important Additions

You can cut the amount of mana you need in half by wearing a Conjurer Cloak, or having the Conjurerer perk. If you wear these while in a summoning area, the mana needed will reduce to 1/4 of the normal mana needed.

Your Charm Cross Attribute will increase your summons' Critical to Hit and Critical to Damage possibilities. It also increases your chance to get a bonus summons while summoning.

Leveling Summoning

Leveling in this skill is done by either summoning creatures or mixing stones and glyphs at higher levels.

God: You can get up to 20% additional experience while summoning or mixing if you worship Selain, the summoning god.

Arenas: Using the summoning arenas, where you can summon creatures for half the normally required mana, allows for faster summoning when trying to level.

Special Day: Day of Summoners will provide you with double your normal summoning experience.

Daily: A daily Quest exists where you can get a chunk of summoning experience each day for turning in various creature parts.

Quest: A Summoning Supplies Quest exists in the tutorial section, in which you can get a wealth of summoning experience by providing creature parts.

Summonable Creatures

-1 indicates the info is unknown.
Click the column names to select the order.

CreatureRec LvlBase ExpAnimal NexusMana
Little Dragon BlueLittle Dragon Blue-117000695
Brown RabbitBrown Rabbit0505
Green SnakeGreen Snake821213
Red SnakeRed Snake1225217
Brown SnakeBrown Snake1730222
Small GargoyleSmall Gargoyle3470239
Fluffy RabbitFluffy Rabbit35750240
Tall GargoyleTall Gargoyle3674241
Medium GargoyleMedium Gargoyle3880343
Mountain ChimeranMountain Chimeran402000245
Polar BearPolar Bear4080348
Female GoblinFemale Goblin41300346
Black BearBlack Bear4590350
Armed Male GoblinArmed Male Goblin47400352
Armed SkeletonArmed Skeleton47500352
Female OrcFemale Orc49400354
Arctic ChimeranArctic Chimeran505000555
Male OrcMale Orc50800455
Armed Female OrcArmed Female Orc511000456
Armed Male OrcArmed Male Orc521600457
Phantom WarriorPhantom Warrior571000557
Tank RabbitTank Rabbit58200663
Red DragonRed Dragon8012000685
Black DragonBlack Dragon8518000685
CreatureRec LvlBase ExpAnimal NexusMana

All Mixable Items

Click the column names to select the order.

ItemRec LvlBase ExpAnimal
Arctic Chim Summoning StoneArctic Chim Summoning Stone7180006
Armed Orc Summoning StoneArmed Orc Summoning Stone354005
Bear Summoning StoneBear Summoning Stone302005
Fluffy Summoning StoneFluffy Summoning Stone5530006
Giant Spider Summoning StoneGiant Spider Summoning Stone402805
Giant Summoning StoneGiant Summoning Stone7590006
Mule GlyphMule Glyph4842005
Phantom Warrior Summoning StonePhantom Warrior Summoning Stone5035005
Phoenix GlyphPhoenix Glyph9080005
Sslessar Summoning StoneSslessar Summoning Stone6035006
Tiger Summoning StoneTiger Summoning Stone453505
Yeti Summoning StoneYeti Summoning Stone6570006
ItemRec LvlBase ExpAnimal