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Combat: Attack / Defense

About Attack / Defense

This page covers melee combat, which is physical battle with another player in a PK area, or with creatures in any location.

These battles provide both attack and defense experience. The amount of experience depends on your own levels and attributes, as well as the opponent's levels.

Getting A/D Experience

Experience is limited to the first 15 successful attacks and defenses in any given battle. If a fight lasts longer than that, you'll see that you're no longer getting experience though the battle continues.

When "training" to gain experience, you don't want that to happen. Disengage from combat and restart battling the creature to restart your experience gaining.

More Experience

Gods: You can get up to 20% additional experience if you worship Mortos (Attack god), or Aluwen (Defense god). They are enemies, so you cannot worship both at the same time, but you can switch gods at any time.

Special Day: Day of Sun Tzu will give you double the normal attack and defense experience. A stone exists for players to start this day as well.

Tutorial Quest: A combat tutorial Quest exists where you kill a specific spawn of a creature, with the creatures getting increasingly more difficult, for bonus experience and a perk reward.

Daily Quests: Two daily Quests give bonus attack and defense experience: The Combat Daily from Haidir, and the Armor and Weapon Supply Daily from Daritha.

One-Time Quests: A large number of one-time Quests give bonus attack and defense experience. Waiting until the special Sun Tzu day to finish these will give you double experience.

Additional Combat Info

There's a lot more to learn when it comes to battle, so this is just a small part of it.

Disengaging From Combat

There are two ways to disengage from a battle:

  1. Walk Away - Click the ground to move away (or press "Home" key). You have a 1/6 chance each second that you will succeed in ending the fight. You'll want to use this in training against creatures, since it costs nothing.
  2. Ring - For an immediate release, use a Ring of Disengagement. The combat will immediately stop, and you will have a 5-second period to get away before the same opponent can try to battle again.

The Best and the Worst

Unlike other Skill pages, this page has no comparison charts. The reason is because the amount of charts needed for creature levels, and the various weapons and armor and other items you can wear would be too much for a single page to handle.

Every weapon and armor has a comparison chart at the bottom of its item page, so compare them there. You can also easily see the attack and defense of each creature on the creatures page.

Every comparison table can be sort ordered based on the column you're interested in by clicking the title of the column.

Read the Book

There are fighting Books available for the majority of creatures, and even non-paid player types.

Reading these books will give you a 5% additional chance to critical hit and critical damage that particular creature or player type.

Player-Killing (PK)

The ability to attack other players, or for them to attack you, is limited to specific areas or maps. These areas are marked in red on the Tab maps, and you normally get a warning when you enter them.

Some locations have an attack/defense limit to them, such as the arenas in Desert Pines. Here, your attack and defense levels are considered to be the max limit for that location. Your other attributes and skills are not affected.

Will It Attack?

The Creatures page separates Passive and Aggressive creatures normally found throughout the game. Normally spawned Passive creatures will not attack you. Creatures summoned by other players will also not attack you, unless you're in a PK location.

Aggressive creatures will attack you. However, only up to a limit. These creatures have an "Ignore Level" shown on their pages, and they'll stop attacking you if you pass that level, which can be your Defense level or your Combat Level.

Invasion creatures, whose names will appear in red text over them instead of normal white text, will always attack you no matter what type of creature they are. The only exceptions are when the invasion has an attack/defense cap, which should have been announced, or if the invader is one of a few special types. These are noted on their pages.

"Combat Level"

Combat Level (CL) is a number that is the result of a formula that is based on your levels and certain player attributes.

The only time it's actually used is for the aforementioned Ignore Level of certain creatures. You'll never really need it for anything else.

Don't Trust the Numbers - Nobody knows the exact formula for determining the combat level, as it has never been officially published. The ignore levels given for creatures with a CL ignore level are approximate, based on guesswork formulas by players. Don't trust that you'll be immediately ignored when you reach a certain CL based on this guesswork, but that it's approximate. Your astrology may also affect if they attack. Once you're well over the CL given and they've been ignoring you for a while, you can feel safe around them.

Best Guess for CL - This formula is known to not be precise, but close.

CL = (0.75 * Attack) + (0.75 * Defense) + Might + (0.5 * Matter) + Toughness + (0.75 * Reaction) + (0.75 * Dexterity)

So it's based on your Attack and Defense levels, as well as 5 of your Cross Attributes.