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Client version 1.9.6

Nexus For Your Character

About Nexus

Nexus determine what items you can mix or wear, or what creatures you can summon.

Take Only What You Need

There is no benefit to taking more Nexus than what is required for what you need. It would only be a waste of incredibly valuable pickpoints.

While you can remove Nexus using stones, the stones are among the most expensive things in the game so do not consider that to be a normal option.

Look at what items you want to wear, what nexus is required for items in skills you're leveling, and then only get the maximum you need for those specific Nexus.

To Add a Nexus

Go to The Wraith on Isla Prima. Select the Nexus you want. Each Nexus costs 1 Pickpoint.

To Remove a Nexus

You can remove a Nexus, getting your pickpoint back, by using a Nexus Removal Stone. There is a stone for each Nexus type.

Nexus removal stones are primarily found on incredibly high level creatures in invasions, instances, and invances. They can an also be an incredibly rare find while harvesting.

Tanta NPC in Port Anitora also sells 3 types of Nexus removal stones for 1,000,000 .

To Buy a Nexus

You also have the option to buy a Nexus of any kind from Costel NPC in Port Anitora. He'll sell you a Nexus if you bring him 50 Hydrogenium Bars (approximate worth: 750,000 ).

Each Nexus Type

Animal Nexus
Skill: Summoning
Determines what you are able to summon, and what summoning stones and other summoning items you can mix.
Maximum Possibly Needed: 6
Normal summons can be 0 up to 6 Animal Nexus.
To mix glyphs and Summoning Stones, you need 5 minimum to 6 maximum.
Artificial Nexus
Skill: Crafting, Engineering, Manufacturing
Determines what you are able to mix in the above skills.
Maximum Possibly Needed: 7Every Crafting item requires at least 1 Artificial Nexus. Engineering and Manufacturing have a few low-level items that do not require them.
Crafting has a max needed of 7.
Engineering has a max needed of 7.
Manufacturing has a max needed of 6.
Human Nexus
Skill: Attack/Defense
Unlike other Nexus that determine mixes, Human Nexus determine what you are able to wear in armor and weapons.
Maximum Possibly Needed: 7 or 10
Weapons and Armor require 0 up to 7 Human Nexus.
A single item, the Artificer Cape, requires 10 Human Nexus. Nothing requires 8 or 9, so you should max at 7 unless you really want to wear this cape.
Inorganic Nexus
Skill: Harvesting
Determines what type of ores and minerals you can harvest, as well as Dung and Yew.
Maximum Possibly Needed: 6
Flowers, fruits, vegetables wood, and mushrooms require no nexus.
Ores and minerals can require up to 6 Inorganic Nexus (sulfur and coal require none).
Yew and Dung require 6 Inorganic Nexus to harvest.
Magic Nexus
Skill: Crafting, (Manufacturing, Potion, Tailoring)
Despite the name, it has nothing to do with the Magic skill.
This nexus is specifically for items that are considered magical, regardless of skill. In most every case, it is a SECOND nexus requirement along with the normal nexus required for that skill. C1/C2 rings require both Artificial and Magic Nexus, for example.
It's primarily necessary for Crafting. The need for this nexus in the other skills is very limited, so make sure you actually need them if you're doing the other skills.
Maximum Possibly Needed: 5
Crafting: Up to 5 Magic Nexus
Manufacturing: Up to 5 Magic Nexus
Potion: Up to 4 Magic Nexus
Tailoring: Up to 4 Magic Nexus
Vegetal Nexus
Skill: Potion
Determines what potions you are able to mix.
Maximum Possibly Needed: 6
If you plan to be a potioner, you'll need at least 4 in order to mix the most popular item, the Potion of Spirit Restoration. Take up to 6 after you're well-leveled and desire to mix higher items.