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NPC: Adnama

Location: White Stone

Coordinates: 611, 709

A maker and designer of clothing.


Speak the Words

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You see a startling young dynamic female wood elf, with great inspiration to EL-DB.commake beautiful things. Yet, there's a sharpness in her eyes that bothers you.

Greetings to you traveller and well met. My name is Adnama. How can I be of assistance to you on this wonderful day?

I used to be Henriks helper; I hunted animals for their furs, all elves are skilled woodsmen and hunters. I soon discovered the joy of making clothes from them and now I want to be a clothes designer. By the stars and sea! I would like to open my own business soon. I lack some knowledge but I am a fast learner. I'm very happy living here and enjoy the company of travellers like you.

About you
I come from a large family of wood elves. My kin are peaceful hunters and woodsmen. I was mainly raised by my sister Nelah because both my parents worked long days. Nelah is a famous designer now I believe. She moved away from our homeland but I'm sure she will be back one day. I now live alone in these woods, making a living best I can.