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NPC: Adrian

Location: White Stone Vermor Castle Vermor Castle Dungeon Temple of Unolas

Coordinates: 119, 215

Type: Priest

High Priest for magic god Unolas.


Speak the Words

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Hello, [PLAEL-DB.comYER NAME]!
I am Adrian, Unolas's priest. What can I do for you?

Please tell me more about Unolas.
The divine are the ones who possess greater knowledge of the worlds. To use knowledge with wisdom is the ultimate proof of pure divinity. Unolas is the greatest god because he can untap the magical forces in the world, and he has both the wisdom and knowledge unsurpassed by all others. To follow the path of Unolas is to seek what is beyond the concept of logic and the mind: Magic.
The followers of Unolas usually get more magic experience, depending on their worship level. His enemies are Zarin and Lucaa.

Walk the ways of Magic!