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NPC: Aiden

Location: Arius

Coordinates: 213, 298

A reporter, primarily focusing on gossip to get stories. He is in Arius doing a report on the flying ship that goes from Arius to Willowvine Forest.


Speak the Words

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*A young and energetic human is watching intently as you approach him. As you move closeEL-DB.comr, he extends his hand in a frank handshake.* Hello there! What can I do for you today?

Who are you?
My name is Aiden, but friends call have called me Din since I was a child. Why the name stuck, I have no idea. I suppose it's because it was easier on their jaws. Anyway, you can call me Din as well.

Nothing, thanks
Oh well... but don't hesitate to ask if you need any help. I am particularly good at knowing what's going on around here. Hot pubs, latest gossip from the city, mischief down in the village, and of course new developments at the school.

Well, there is Wolke in the city of course. Excellent food and reasonable prices, and there is always something going on. If you want to meet interesting fellows, Wolke's is the place to go. Did I mention reasonable prices? Or, if you are more of a country type, Poco runs a tavern in Kyriban.

I wish all bartenders in Draia were like him. Not only he would pass me any interesting bit of news he might happen to stumble upon, but he is soft-hearted enough with the accounting part... unless that sharp-toothed wife of his is around, of course.

The Kyriban tavern is rather quiet these days; yet, it is the best place to pick news from the village. If you want to go cosmopolitan, Wolke is the place to go. If you are interested in something at the very heart of gnomish affairs, a glass of wormwood extract or two at Poco's will work miracles.

Wormwood extract
Well, to be honest I am not even sure it is totally entirely legal. Orta has been pestering Yuwon recently to launch a ban on wormwood extract... but you know, villagers are practical people. And sure it is a delicious drink! Plus, Poco needs to give students a reason to go to his pub with something Wolke can't match, no? *He winks at you.*

She is, at all times, searching for new plants and flowers... Occasionally, still will discover a new use for some leaf or root, or, on the contrary, start on a crusade to change peopEL-DB.comle's habits. Like for wormwood; she got this idea that it might be poisonous. It probably is, but I am sure generations of Gnomes have found ways around it when making their liquors.

An interesting character... he runs things here. Formally, he is the Governor of Arius. In fact, he is in charge of almost anything, except of course for what goes on in the School. He is also well known for his role in re-establishing line service to Seridia; you might want to have a chat with him if you see him around.

Gossip! Gossip! What else! Readers can't have enough of them, and since gnomes are so outward, Arius is as good a place as any other to hear a nice story!

Oh, didn't I tell you that I am a journalist? *He puts up a straight face and a very formal voice.* 'Aiden, Chief Science & Technology Reporter for the Association of Scribes and Scholars, at your service!' *He bows exaggeratedly deeply on his resuming a normal posture, you can see a broad friendly smile on his face.*

So, if you have anything more serious than gossip... that's me you want to talk to. For REAL gossip, maybe I can put you in touch with one of my colleagues. Her name is Kelsey.

What do you report on?
You see, my job is not easy. Say, I get a piece of 'news' from my contacts at the school's most secretive laboratories; it sound like this.. *He feigns a very excited and secretive voice.*

'We just found a derivative of a poly-hydroxy aliphatic (acrylic) mono- or poly-carboxylic acid in which the hydroxyl groups are wholly etherified with a monocyclic aromatic (aroyl) acid, with the carboxyl groups attached directly to the aromatic nucleus, and which have all the constituent hydrogen atoms substituted by other moieties! Isn't that great? But don't tell anybody just yet!'

What I have to do is to understand what THAT gibberish means, and then write a short 150-word blurb for the next issue, titled 'Gnome Invents New Personal Deodorant,' in a fashion wEL-DB.comhich the average housewife in Palon Vertas can digest. And believe me, if you think that's easy, you haven't met any of Salingen's housewives.! *He explodes in a thundering laugh.*

Ah, never mind that. It is just the subject of the piece I am writing right now. Got the news from a lab assistant from the school. But yes, in practice it was a new deodorant. I haven't found yet what would make it special or different from the usual vegetal mixtures women use... but I told you, package the news the right way, and it will drive sales for a month!

Wow, you are an egghead!
Well, thanks, but not really. I never managed more than average grades. On the other hand, I have lots of friends in the right places, so I know whom to ask when I stumble upon something like that! By the way, I would not call anyone from the school an egghead, they might resent it.

Ah, in any place with such a high volume of students, you are guaranteed to hear about mischief of all kinds... pranks, tricks, gags, hacks, and of course all sorts of misplaced spells, failed experiments, and the occasional embarrassment to some particularly unpopular professor.

Wheeler seems to be the center of most of the school's mischief. He's a VERY talented fire mage, but he lacks the discipline to really excel. In fact, I hear he took out the bridge to the mountains recently. Apollodorus was NOT happy. Maybe if he finds a way to tame his inner fire, he'll one day be as powerful as Grandmaster Nerala herself.

Lots of them, and from half of Draia. The School has a policy of accepting bright students from anywhere, and it shows. Also, students are an excellent source of insiders' news. For example, right now I am following a track that is still hot, about a professor who was supposed to deliver a series of lectures, and apparently has disappeared in thin air.

Some say he has had an affair with a local elfette, others that he was experimenting with a new transmutation spell and he accidentally turned himself into a minuscule creature... Fascinating story, isn't it? I'll have to follow up with a few of my sources.

The Arius Magic School of course - half of Arius revolves around the school. If you haven't been there yet, I would suggest a visit; it's a fascinating place if ever there was one. Also, will meet all sort of interesting people in there. And don't wander too far alone, or you might get lost: I know of people who took a wrong turn, and were not seen around for several days.

They too had strange stories to tell once finally they got out... Actually, maybe you should take a wrong turn. I would love to hear

Scribes and Scholars
If you don't know about ASS, as it is called, you haven't been in Draia in the last couple of years! But then, one wonders, where might you have been? Mmm... I see a story here... 'Alien from Another World Spotted in Isla Prima'... someone could even believe it! *He laughs loudly at his own joke.*

Science and Technology
The forefront of all types of technological advancements! I do travel from time to time, but with a beat like this, I always find myself coming back to Arius. It has the most unique technology and research being created and conducted anywhere in the world! I'm always finding something new to talk about.

*He blushes slightly.* She's one of my fellow reporters. We trained together when we first joined the Association and grew very close. We both wanted to be on a similar beat so we could travel together, but she became a gossip reporter... so she travels much more than I do. I rarely get to see her. Last I heard, she was hanging around in Emerald Valley.

Grandmaster Nerala
She is the reincarnation of fire itself! A very strange woman, I have never been able to carry a conversation with her. And one time, I was asking for her opinion about how poppy extract may be related to cold sores, and she freaked out on me asked where I've seen poppy. I've never seen someone look so manic in the eyes.

Anything cool to report on?
Well, you're looking at it! That flying contraption at the end of the docks is an amazing invention! It can only fly a small distance... between Arius and Fishing Village in Willowvine... but imagine if they can expand it's flying capabilities? You could fly any where in the world at half the time it would usually take. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Oh you haven't met him yet? He is a fascinating gnome. I believe his job is called a 'civil engineer,' but in short, he designs improvements to the city buildings, roads, bridges, and manEL-DB.comy aspects of the school's structure. And even though the bridge has been destroyed, Apollodorus will just find a way to make the next bridge bigger, and better... and probably fire-proof.

Have fun in Arius my friend, and if you hear of anything that might vaguely resemble a piece of news... you know where to find me!