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NPC: Akiko

Location: Nordcarn Glilin Temple - Entrance Hall Glilin Temple - Mining Area

Coordinates: 186, 83

An Orchan warrior and disciple of Manufacturing god Glilin, who tests and researches weapons and armors.


Speak the Words

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You see a heavily armored Orchan with a scowl oEL-DB.comn her face. She does not look up from her work.

Who are you?
What's it to you?

Never mind
Then why did you bother me?

No, really, who are you?
Ha! Well, you're more determined than most. That I like. I am Akiko, warrior, and disciple to Glilin. In my time, I was a great warrior but I knew...within me there was more. I traveled Draia searching for answers; for a way to help my people stop the rise of the Shadow Legion. Now, with Baostas, I research and test weapons and armors.

I am a disciple and priest of Glilin - God of Manufacturing. The days are long but the work rewarding. When I came here I could not sew a glove. Today I forged dragon armor in the temple forge. I work for myself. I work for my god. I work for my people. What more is there?

You don't know who Baostas is? Determined... but you know so little. Baostas is Glilin's high priest. His knowledge and skill made my armor. He is Glilin's hammer on the anvil of Draia.

Your people?
I am Orchan - the house of Redmoon. Chief Redmoon, who defeated the Dragon and imprisoned the Shadow Legion, gave life to my line. We from South Redmoon are a proud people - fierce warriors, strong miners, workman manufacturers. We have struggled hard to overcome the dark cloud left by Selain.

Shadow Legion?
Fallen orcs driven mad by Mortos himself, they unleashed an ancient evil upon the lands - the Dragon of Shadow. Chief Redmoon destroyed the beast and imprisoned the foul orcs in the forbidden volcano. EL-DB.comIt is said they wait and plot for the day they will return. This is why I have come to Glilin, to master the craft of manufacture and deal death to the enemies of my people with the blades I construct.

Dragon of Shadow
It is said on the day the gates guarding the volcano crumble that a warlock will summon the Dragon of Shadow from the depths of the underworld. The orc slayers we designed were to kill orcs. I work now on a weapon to destroy the Dragon of Shadow. And in time I will create a weapon to kill Selain himself.

Let's just say that Glilin has a vendetta against this foul beast, so as a thanks to my savior, I will do this deed for him.

Glilin is the savior. As a mortal he raised an army that turned the War of the Gods. As a god he brought true craftsmanship, discipline and skill to the world.

I'd like to serve Glilin.
That is not mine to decide. Find Baostas at the forge in the temple. If you are worthy you will learn much about determination, dedication, discipline, and the rewards of your labor.

Why aren't you wearing robes?
It is typical of a priest to wear the colored robes reflecting that of their God. I represent my Lord a different way. On each piece of armor that I craft, I leave the seal of Glilin, the hammer, someplace on my protective wear. It is my way of showing my dedication to Glilin without the need of robes.

So he was really a mortal?
*She realizes what she just said.* Of this, I will not speak.

War of the Gods?
It took place in the times of old - my guess is over 5,000 years ago. The Gods were so active in the lives of mortals, a war erupted between the deities and followers. It nearly destroyed the world from what I'm told. The Lore of Glilin speaks of these events in great detail, but that information is for priests only.

May Glilin forge your spirit's path. I must now labor. Goodbye.