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NPC: Aleister

Location: Portland Clark's Crafting Corner Clark's Back Room

Coordinates: 311, 19

An apprentice at Clark's Crafting shop in Portland, who does all the menial tasks such as polishing stones for rings.


Speak the Words

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*You see a young elf leaning against a well. He is sucking on a pieEL-DB.comce of honeycomb which falls from his hand when he sees you enter.*

Who are you?
I'm Aliester and you're not allowed back here. You need to leave.

Why not?
This is an employees only area, like most back rooms, and you don't work here. Now please go.

What work do you do?
Why are you still here? Keep your voice down before you get me in trouble. I'm an apprentice here. I do the all dirty work.

Dirty work
I do the stuff no one else wants to do. I polish the gemstones for the rings, I haul all the heavy gems around to wherever they're needed, I make sure those potions over there don't burn while they're brewing, and I make the gem sanders. It's hard work and the pay sucks.

Gem sanders
Don't let this get around, but there's nothing magical about them. It's sticky business, though. You see I get some beehive, break it apart, and then rub it all over a piece of paper. I sprinkle sand from the river bank on it and that's it... a gem sander. Zantos may make them differently... I don't know.

Why stay?
You really aren't going to leave are you? Clark may not look like it, but he's a powerful mage, the last in a long line of mages that descend from the Slayer, and now I'm next in line. I only hope to be as powerful as Clark one day.

The Slayer
Once, long ago when Portland was just a village, the countryside was ravaged by a dragon. A powerful wizard from a far away land arrived one day and killed tEL-DB.comhe dragon. He gave the scales of the dragon to the village and it grew very rich from their sale. That's how Portland got to be the thriving city that it is.

The Slayer decided to stay in Portland and after a time, he took an apprentice. When the apprentice became a mage, he took an apprentice of his own. This has happened time and again in an unbroken chain with the latest links being Clark and me.

Won't you take an apprentice?
I suppose I will some day, but right now there is so much to learn I couldn't even think about teaching someone else.

Clark works me hard, but he's a good man. I know everything he makes me do has a purpose. One day I hope to be as great a mage as he is. He does a lot more than just run this shop. Did you know Clark even helped to build the Dragon Ship? Without Clark, Sarma would never have found Irilion.

Dragon Ship
Sarma actually built the ship but it was Clark who gave him the dragon bones to build it. And it was Clark who made the ship fly and taught Sarma how to fly it.

Sarma's the pilot and builder of the Dragon Ship. He lives over in White Stone. I think he may be Clark's best friend. They're always writing letters to each other.

That's the second continent known to Draia. I have never been there myself but someday I will travel far and wide, if you ever let me get back to work. Seek out Sarma if you wish to visit Irilion. He can be a bit hard to find sometimes, though.

Hard to find
Well Sarma is kind of a loner. I could tell you how to find him but Clark sayEL-DB.coms that Sarma is one of many secrets that need to be discovered by each of us.

You must have discovered a secret or two by now. They're everywhere. You might even be standing in front of one right now and not even know it. I have to get back to work now. Clark says if I can make 500 gem sanders in the next hour he'll teach me how to turn bones into gold.

Bones to gold
It's a spell. As the name suggests it turns bones to gold. Imagine how useful that will be! It might even make up for the bad pay if I can gather enough bones.

Just a hint
Well fine, as long as you get out of here soon. The port is hidden in White Stone, somewhere in the south. I haven't been there myself but that is what Clark tells me.

He's our only real competition in the gem sander market, but since his shop is all the way in Idaloran, it does not affect us much. Clark always tells me that business is very good and profitable.

Finally! Try not to let Clark see you as you exit. I have to get back to work.