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NPC: Alex

Location: Palon Vertas General Alex's House (J)

Coordinates: 702, 187

General Alex lives in Treesoar Village in Palon Vertas, and fought in the Great War.


Speak the Words

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A strongly built man looks up at you with a EL-DB.comvaguely annoyed gaze as you enter the house.

Oh hai
*He raises his eyebrows and manages to maintain a disdainful gaze* Hello, may I help you?

Who are you?
My name is Alex. *A faint smile tugs at his lips as he looks up at you*

General Alex?!
If I told you I'd have to kill you. *You're quite sure he looks serious*

*The man leans back in his chair and laughs* Curious one you are, walking into my home... Yes, I am General Alex, though I don't see why that's important. And no, I won't kill you. *He chuckles again* Sometimes people forget how to take jokes. Now, do you need something? I'm a busy man you know. *He smirks slightly*

Busy with what?
Exploring the greater mysteries of life and our times, considering the mundane, remembering the war, wondering what trouble my sister is getting into. I shouldn't have to worry about that at her age... *He sighs deeply* And you could sit down you know. *He gestures to the empty seat at the table*

So you fought in the Great War.
*He doesn't respond for a moment* There was nothing great about it, but yes. I watched as my home was overrun by filthy beasts and I was forced to order a retreat to save my people so that no more would die around me. To fight to the last breath might be a noble death, but it serves no purpose. I watched as the wounded and the dying were carried from Salingen through the tunnels to Idaloran.

I watched as the war continued and our world was changed. And lastly I watched on the day that we returned with vengeance and stEL-DB.comole back our lands. The songs speak of it with glory, but it was a bloody and long fight. There is no glory in war, only death.

Yes, my sister Ellia. She's a talented girl, runs in the family. But she's always off getting into too much mischief. Her skills can be helpful, but in peaceful times such as these she gets bored and can tend to go looking for trouble. Thankfully time has taught her a few things though, including the limits of people's patience. Mostly now she focuses on magic... Summoning, to be specific.

The family?
The blood of the Salins, our father was a direct descendent, and our mother some distant cousin. Truth be told most all residents of Palon Vertas have a bit of Salin blood in them, some more than others. Only a few still bear the name. Salin and his wife are ancient heroes of our land.

It is said that magic ran in their blood, before magic was even a true part of the mortal world, and still runs in ours. My sister certainly has an aptitude for summoning.

What's your talent?
*He looks at you quizzically* Talent? I'm simply a man, nothing more. Blood means nothing, we are who we make ourselves.

That's pretty deep.
Is it? *He shakes his head and closes his eyes for a moment, you're pretty sure he's laughing at you* One has a lot of time to think when secluded from the world. Though I don't always get as much peace and quiet as I'd like. But philosophical thought grows on me all the same.

Could you tell me more of the war?
I do not enjoy speaking of it, friend, you'd be better to find a another to tell you the tales. Most are common, the people of this land will each share their own bit of the story, I have told mine.

Ok, sorry.
Don't be sorry. I shall tell you this, I fought with great heroes, who's names never went down in any songs. I am nothing more than a man who fought for his life and those of hEL-DB.comis friends, as did all in those times. If you truly wish to know of the war, talk to others, or read a book! I may seem gruff, but it is always a pleasure to meet a good soul.

Don't hesitate to talk to the people here in Treesoar, we are a friendly folk. Palon Vertas is a prosperous land full of life and love. Visit the Green Leaf tavern! Thom brews a great ale.

Green Leaf tavern?
It's the unofficial gathering place of the village. If you ever visit, you might notice it's a bit small but we spend many a warm evening outside the tavern talking and laughing. My sister Ellia likes to hear stories from the travelers that stop in, occasionally learning of far flung magical wonders in the world.

Thank you, goodbye.
Farewell in your travels, friend!