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NPC: Alhana

Location: White Stone Tirnwood's Flower and Herb shop

Coordinates: 331, 97

Owner of the Tirnwood Flower Shop, with much to say though she won't actually sell or buy anything.


Speak the Words

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*You see an Elven female seated behind the counter. She seems to be deep in concentratiEL-DB.comon, but looks up as you approach* Hello, welcome to my shop. How may I help you today?

Who are you?
I am Alhana. It is very nice to meet you. *She bows*

Well, if you couldn't tell from my greeting, I am the owner and proprietor of this flower shop. *She chuckles* I'm a merchant by trade, but a herbalist at heart. I enjoy the creative process of being a herbalist, though I'm not as good as my grandmother.

I study and use the flora of the lands to create a variety of things. Most plants and flowers have special properties that can produce remarkable results, especially when combined in the right way. Fragrances, potions, even magical essences, they all need plants and flowers. The secret is how much of what type to mix in.

My grandmother was a well known herbalist. All the citizens of Tirnwood Vale would come to her for their needs. She would always know what flower to add to a particular potion, or what was needed to calm a troublesome cough. Her knowledge in these matters was unquestioned. Word of her knowledge spread outside the Vale, and she would sometimes have visitors from Mynadar or Desert Pines seeking her advice.

*She pauses and gazes at the flowers about the room.* If I had her knowledge, I could be an excellent herbalist too. Alas, she passed away some years ago without passing on her experience and knowledge to me. But there is still hope. She always kept her secrets written away in her diary, but I've had absolutely no luck in finding it anywhere. I have searched her house, and this entire shop, with no results.

I've been asking some of her old friends, like Siru or Rongon if they have any inkling as to where I can find my grandmother's diary, but it's all been in vain so far. *She frowns*

Combining different flowers and plants can produce pleasant and even exotic fragrances. These can be used to freshen up a room or worn as a lovely perfume. I am afraid that my knowledge in EL-DB.comthat area is very limited. Perfume and fragrance creation is a delicate art. There is an Elven woman in Portland that could give you more information on that subject. Her name is Xaquelina.

My grandmother spoke very highly of this woman and said despite her flirtatious appearance, Xaquelina was one of the most talented herbalists she knew.

Oh yes, flora is an important part in the manufacture of potions. If I recall, grandmother said the oils and spirit of the plants are released when crushed using a mortar and pestle. They combine with the other ingredients to produce a completely different item. Hmm? No, I have none here. You should talk to Mira in White Stone City if you have need of any potions.

Many magical essences require flowers also. It is my opinion that the peaceful spirit of the flora is what keeps the power of the essence under control until it is needed. However, this is only my thoughts on the matter. I am certainly no alchemist. However, there is an alchemy school to the northeast of here. It's run by a fellow named Garis. I'm sure he'd be quite helpful.

Have you met her? She truly is a darling woman. If you wish to meet her, her house is in Tirnwood Vale and she always welcomes visitors. She was the one who took Cole and Resia in when they needed a place to stay, and look, they both became keystone members of the Seridian forces during the Great War.

Cole and Resia
As much as I would like to tell you more about these heroes, I don't think I could do them the justice that Siru could. I insist you seek her out. *She smiles broadly*

Rongon is one of the three council members here in Tirnwood Vale. He's not as ancient as Vaesura, the eldest of the council, but not nearly as young as Talon, the fledgling of the council. He falls right in the middle in terms of age and acts as the median between Rongon's youthful energy and Vaesura's abundant wisdom. He would escort my grandmother into the Underground to gather certain plants.

There's not much more I can tell you about her.... I don't really follow the politics of the council much. I do know that she has been planning an Elven populatEL-DB.comion meeting but was having issues locating some of our race's members. Hopefully she got that all sorted out. If not, she may have to rely on some outside aid.

*She blushes* He's so young, in Elf years that is, but such a great leader already. We used to run into each other often before he took the council position. Those sporadic rendezvous' were quite enjoyable. *She sighs* Now, he spends most of his time in the meeting hall. *She frowns* It's a shame really. I miss seeing him.

Good bye. Have a wonderful day. Flower Power, darling!