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NPC: Amann

Location: Valley of the Dwarves Gold Cave Level 1 Gold Cave Level 2

Coordinates: 111, 269

A man hiding in the VotD gold cave from the dwarves because he accidentally knocked out King Gondric.


Speak the Words

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You come around a corner and find a man. He is squatting down close to a hunk of wood topped by a lantern as though he is trying to hide behind it. This strikes you as pointless since thEL-DB.come lantern is lit and is throwing his huge hunched shadow up onto the walls. You have startled him and he quickly whips his head in your direction. His eyes are those of one being hunted.

Who are you?
Ahhh! *He covers his head with both hands and begins to tremble uncontrollably.* Please please don't hurt me! It was an accident! An accident I tell you! *He crawls over to you and begins to cry as he wraps his arms around your knees, still begging for understanding.*

*The man pulls himself to his feet and wipes his runny nose on his sleeve.* You aren't one of them. Thank the Gods! Can you help me? I have been lost here for days and days and I think there is an angry mob of dwarves around here somewhere out for my blood!

Get off me you freak!
*You push the man off you and take a few steps back.* I'm sorry, I'm sorry. *He glances nervously down the tunnel.* You aren't with them? Have you seen them? Are they still after me? Can you help me please? I think there is a mob of angry dwarves looking for me.

Angry Dwarves
Eep! *He cowers behind the hunk of wood again.* Where are they? Don't let them find me or I fear I will look funny trying to walk with a pickaxe stuck in a very uncomfortable place!!

Who ARE you?!
My name is Amann, I hail from Lakeside Village in White Stone.

Why are dwarves chasing you?
I came here to see King Gondric about having him mine me a good amount of gold. When I arrived in Mynadar, everyone said I could find the king in the second gold mine. So I found my way down here and I looked and looked, no one in town had a map handy for me to borrow, and finally I came around a corner and heard a party going on.

I followed the music and the laughter and found King Gondric, most beloved of all dwarf kings, and about 50 other dwarven miners. They to be celebrating something. Well everyone was in a good mood so I went right up to King Gondric to introduce myself and ask about the gold.

As I walked over to shake his hand I tripped over a stray bottle of mead and fell over and...and.... I... I knocked him out cold! *He covers his face with his hands.* Oh I can still see it happening over and over again in my head.

I fell right into the poor little guy's face with my fist and instantly the music and the laughter stopped and I was running for my life with a torch and pickaxe wielding mob of short people on my heels!

Why are they so angry?
Didn't you hear me? He is the most beloved of all the dwarven kings. He genuinely loves his people and they love him right back for his compassion and wisdom.

Tell them it was an accident.
Don't you think I tried? By the time I found them they were all well into their mugs of ale and no one would listen to me. As I was shouting apologies they were shouting for blood!

Why not just leave?
Am I speaking some language other than Common? No one in town had a map for me to use. It's hard to find your way out of this place if you are running for your life! I've passed enough gold to pave the streets of White Stone City, not to mention coal and blue quartz.

I've tiptoed through whole underground towns trying to find my way out of this horrible place! Have you seen King Gondric? He is supposed to be a great guy, I'm sure he would have forgiven me... if he hadn't been out cold on the floor.

Haven't seen him, sorry.
Well if you do find him, please tell him my side of this whole fiasco. If yoEL-DB.comu have been walking around here without seeing an angry mob, maybe I'm safe.

Underground towns?
Yes many dwarven miners make their homes in the caverns they mine. There is a large underground town around here somewhere. Say... you wouldn't happen to have a map of this mine I could borrow do you? I really need to find my way out of here and get home. I wasn't supposed to be gone for long.

Every weekend Christina and I get together for a few...dozen drinks. If she sobers up she is going to realize that I'm gone.

No sorry.
Shoot. Well alright. If you find your way out of here and pass through Lakeside Village, can you tell Christina where I am?

Sure. Good Luck.
Thanks. Be sure not to punch any kings on your way out.

Yes, I knew the locals would most likely have a map of this underground maze. I found a chap in town by the name of Garett who explained that most of the locals knew their way by habit so they didn't carry spare maps. Too bad for me. *He sighs.*

*His eyes dart from side to side.* Shhhh! I don't want any unnecessary attention!