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NPC: Andrea

Location: White Stone Andrea's House

Coordinates: 321, 19

"Andy" is trying to coax her pet skunk out from under her bed.


Speak the Words

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A young woman is seated on the floor wiggling a of string under the bed. She frowns as you approach

Who are you?
My name is Andrea; my friends call me Andy.

Where am I?
You are in my cottage. But more specifically you are in the land of White Stone, in the region of Grahm's village. It's a very nice area, most of the people are helpful and patient. *She looks at you knowingly* A lot of the people we see are new to the area, and the land.

Why are you frowning?
My pet skunk is hiding under the bed. I had almost coaxed him out when you came crashing in and scared him again. I need to feed and walk him quickly before I go back to Mistress Salina.

It's my nickname from when I was growing up. I was a little bit of a tomboy. I guess I'm just so used to being called Andy that I've never gone back to Andrea.

Who is Salina?
Salina is the proprietor of the magic shop in Grahm's village. She sells some of the finest sigils and essences in the land. *She smiles and preens for a moment* I'm her apprentice, and an incredibly lucky one at that. I am learning to create the finest essences and run an incredible magic shop - it's very exciting! *Her eyes sparkle as she looks at you* I am even learning to make sigils.

Sigils are a very old and unique type of magic. They are essentially channels or conduits of specific types of magic. To cast a spell most people need sigils to both tap into streams of specific energy and harness the energies simultaneously.

For example to cast a basic healing spell you would need to be able to tap into a stream of healing magic, one of the easiest to actually tap into. It just below the surface and we naturally tap into its energies when we are injured or growing. You would also need to tap into a stream of increase magic.

Now, I know that sounds odd, but it's really very simple. It increases the strength of the spell itself. Unfortunately it's also one of the harder types of magic to tap into. Unless you are an incredibly gifted mage and have devoted years to studies you need to have both the health and increase sigil close to you when you cast the spell. As I said before, the sigils act as a conduit to those streams of magic.

How do you make sigils?
*She winks at you mischievously* Very carefully! *Suddenly more serious she continues* You combine only the finest and rarest flowers, minerals, ores and even certain animal remains with ancient rituals and incredibly deep concentration. If you are lucky you aren't injured when you tap into the magical energies, and if you are incredibly lucky, a sigil has been created.

What happens if you aren't lucky?
*She looks you straight in the eye* You die an incredibly painful death. It's one of the major reasons most people choose to purchase sigils. While there is inherent danger in casting any spell, the danger associated with the use of sigils is almost nonexistent.

Does Salina sell all of the sigils?
No, my Mistress doesn't. *She shakes her head sadly* While she is an incredibly gifted mage, even she cannot tap into all of the magic streams and fashion conduits. According to the books Frukas has sold me no one person is powerful enough to do that. Only gods can access all types of magic... or so we are told.

Frukas is a local bookseller. He has some very special deals with the gnome printing shops and sells all of the basic alchemy and essence books. He even sells all of the common potion books. Sometimes he's a little grumpy, but that's usually because he stayed up late drinking and reading a new book.

His name is Edward Pierce North. *You frown and she can see you are still confused* I gave him three names so that when he has been very bad I can yell his whole name. It's much more satisfying then yelling just 'EDWARD'!

But why a pet skunk?
Because he needs me. I found him soon after Vaesura started hiring people to kill the skunks in White Stone. Some cruel hunter must have killed his mothEL-DB.comer and father. He was alone and starving when I found him. I love Edward and don't dare let him run loose outside. A hunter might kill him for Vaesura!

Who's Vaesura?
Vaesura is an elf who lives in Tirnwood. She's highly respected because of her age and knowledge, but if you ask me she's just an old meany!. *She wrinkles her nose* She is even offering money to those who kill skunks! Can you believe it; she is actually paying people to go out and kill skunks! *She glares at you meaningfully* Vaesura has even had the audacity to ask Haidir to send killers to her!

Skunks aren't innocent!
*She takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly* I suppose that is a matter of opinion. The skunks that have recently appeared in White Stone certainly did not ask to be uprooted from their homes and dropped in a strange world. I find it completely understandable that sometimes they spray people when they are scared, or rummage through trash when they are hungry.

Haidir is the resident exterminator. He happens to be very popular with people, and is even world famous. In fact he is usually so busy that he contracts out some of his jobs. For example, he regularly sends people seeking work to Vaesura to deal with her skunk 'problem'.

See you! Now that you're leaving, maybe Edward will come out of hiding.