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NPC: Apala

Location: Palon Vertas

Coordinates: 118, 21

Apala is the forewoman of the gold cave in Palon Vertas where she stands outside of the cave entrance.


Speak the Words

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You see a middle aged looking orEL-DB.comchan woman reading some papers.

Who are you?
I am Apala, nice meeting you. I am a little busy, but I can find some time if you wish to know something.

I am the foreman, or perhaps the forewoman of this mine. It is pretty unusual to find a foreman woman, mining is usually for men, since it is dangerous and requires a lot of strength. And most men don't like taking orders from the opposite gender. But the guy before me was very unpopular, the productivity was close to 0, people weren't paid, so I guess most of my guys are happy with me.

This is mainly a gold mine, but there are other minerals in here as well. However, being the most convenient place to gather gold on this continent, most of the extraction here is focused on gold.

A foreman needs to supervise the workers, make sure the production quotas are met, take samples of the extracted ore to assure the quality and uniformity of the minerals, inspect the mine periodically to spot and address safety issues, and a lot of paperwork.

We have all kinds of people working here. Most of them are dwarves, but there are a few humans, orchans, and even an elf. Never heard of an elf working in a mine before, but then again, there are not many foreman women out there either. This must be the most unusual mine on the whole planet! Oh, and sometimes my 'beloved' husband comes here to 'help', although I wish he would mind his fishing.

His name is Cedric, did you meet him? He is a fisher, but sometimes works in the mine too during the really busy periods, when there is a lot of request for export. I am not really sure if he does that to help me, or just to 'borrow' some dynamite for his fishing..

We use small pieces of dynamite to break through some tough rocks. Of course, whenever we do that we have all kind of safety rules, and I personally make sure that no oEL-DB.comne is in the mine when we detonate it. Before I came to work here, people didn't really care about safety, and quite a few people got their eardrums blown off or worse.

Being the only gold mine on the continent means that when other cities need gold, they come to us. Sometimes the Idaloran people will also ask for coal or even sulphur, but it is mostly the gold people are after.

Except for the gold, our mine has some sulphur, coal, radon, if you can count that as a mineral, and an unknown ore. I am not really sure what it is, but I think it has some magic properties. I don't think it is precious or anything, because if it were, those mages at the magic school would want some of it. I might investigate more someday, but I am too busy now to bother with it.

It's a radioactive gas.. there is a lot of it in the mine, and we need good ventilation, because it can cause problems. Which reminds me that I need to ask Mr. Morton for a new fan, the old one got clogged with dust and it is operating at less than 60% of its nominal value.

He is the mayor of PV. The mine belongs to PV, so all the expenses need to be approved by him. He is a nice guy though, never rejected a reasonable request. If you ever need him, he is usually by the main hall in Saligon

Magic School
It is the North Western part of PV, and they focus on water magic. I am not really into magic, I am a down to earth girl, so there is not much I can tell you about it. Sometimes we get small orders of sulphur from them, and in return they placed a special ward on our mine to keep unwanted creatures away. A few skeletons running around a mine is picturesque, but doesn't really help with the mining operations..

Hope to see you around!