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NPC: Ardur

Location: Naralik

Coordinates: 121, 69

Type: Bookseller

A seller of books in Naralik, focusing on books for metal smelting, mining, and molding.


Sells 40 items

Book of Gold Mining Book of Gold Mining1,000
Book of Gold Molding Book of Gold Molding1,500
Book of Gold Smelting Book of Gold Smelting250
Book of Gypsum Harvesting Book of Gypsum Harvesting300
Book of Gypsum Molding Book of Gypsum Molding300
Book of Hydrogenium mining Book of Hydrogenium mining5,000
Book of Hydrogenium molding Book of Hydrogenium molding6,000
Book of Hydrogenium smelting Book of Hydrogenium smelting7,000
Book of Iron Mining Book of Iron Mining500
Book of Iron Molding Book of Iron Molding1,000
Book of Iron Smelting Book of Iron Smelting100
Book of Metal Mining Book of Metal Mining250
Book of Metal Molding Book of Metal Molding500
Book of Metal Smelting Book of Metal Smelting50
Book of Metallurgy Book of Metallurgy30
Book of Silver Mining Book of Silver Mining2,500
Book of Silver Molding Book of Silver Molding2,000
Book of Silver Smelting Book of Silver Smelting500
Book of Steel Molding Book of Steel Molding5,000
Book of Steel Smelting Book of Steel Smelting1,000
Book of Titanium Mining Book of Titanium Mining7,500
Book of Titanium Molding Book of Titanium Molding10,000
Book of Titanium Smelting Book of Titanium Smelting3,000
Book of Wolfram Molding Book of Wolfram Molding6,000
Book of Wolframite Mining Book of Wolframite Mining6,000
Book of Wolframite Smelting Book of Wolframite Smelting6,000
Cinnabar Mining Cinnabar Mining10,000
Copper Mining Copper Mining20,000
Copper Molding Copper Molding20,000
Copper Smelting Copper Smelting20,000
Dvarium Mining Dvarium Mining20,000
Dvarium Molding Dvarium Molding20,000
Dvarium Smelting Dvarium Smelting20,000
Mercury Extraction Mercury Extraction10,000
Seridium Mining Seridium Mining10,000
Seridium Molding Seridium Molding10,000
Seridium Smelting Seridium Smelting10,000
Tin Mining Tin Mining20,000
Tin Molding Tin Molding20,000
Tin Smelting Tin Smelting20,000