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NPC: Arina

Location: Tahraji Desert

Coordinates: 318, 262

An Earth magic practitioner, Arina has the ability to control sand.


Speak the Words

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As you pass through the scorching sands, you notice an isolated sandstorm. You peer closer and noticEL-DB.come a woman within the storm. It dissipates, giving you enough time to approach this mysterious woman.

Who are you?
*She flicks her eyes open and they stare right into you* I am Arina, the great sand mage of the Majini. What brings you to my Terra circle?

Sand mage
As the title suggests, I am a mage who has the ability to control the sands. It's a form of Earth magic that is commonly practiced in desert regions of the world, as that is where we have the most influence. When the Matajin empire was at the peak of its greatness, Verue had many sand mages under his domain. I was one of them. Now, only the tribes of Tahraji seem to practice the art.

Terra circle
I stand where I am because the gifts of Lucaa and Izet surround me. The rocks, cacti and grass create a makeshift circle around me. I draw power from the element of Earth and when I am inside of a Terra circle, my power increases and I can train for prolonged periods of time. When I stand here, I feel the essence of the entire desert flowing within my being. Similar forms of elemental circles are used by mages.

We are one of the tribes of Tahraji. Although the various tribes are not at war, we feel more at peace to keep separated into tribes rather than collect again to try and re-create Matajin. Some of our leaders feel if we do this, we are doomed to collapse yet again.

He was the ruler of the Matajin Empire, but once it fell to the forces of Mortos and the wrath of Lucaa, Verue disappeared. We believe him to still be alive, but his whereabouts are unbeknownst to us. Where ever he may be, I wish that Izet protects him.

Where did you learn it?
Sand magic is passed down from generation to generation. I was taught a minor form of sand magic by my grandfather. Once I mastered the little bit of sand magicianship that my grandfather knew, I needed to learn more. I enrolled in the Tirnym magic school where I was able to hone my skills as a sand mage under the guidance of Grandmaster Rivena. It was she that taught me the powers of the Terra circle.

And now I am known as one of the most powerful sand mages in existence. But with sand magic, you remain powerful by using it. If my powers remained stagnant for EL-DB.coma prolonged period of time, I would decrease in strength. This is why I must practice casting my sand magic each day, or else years of training will go to waste.

The Goddess of nature and the seas, of course. Matajin actually had an impressive naval fleet and we would pray to Lucaa to ensure safe travels on the open waters. It also helps to have the queen of nature on your side when you live in a desert. *She smirks*

He is a God that few follow. Matajin and all the tribes worship Izet as the God and protector of the sands. It was because of Izet, not Selain or Lucaa, that as many people survived the Downfall. He protected his people from the onslaught of Mortos's minions. Atreides can tell you more. I was wounded by a dark elf and unconscious when most of it happened.

She IS the strongest Earth mage in known existence, which is why she is the Grandmaster. While my sand magic is powerful, hers could still defeat me. But she is the sole reason I'm at the level I'm at today. If you wish to be trained in Earth magic, I would seek her out in Tirnym.

Like many of the Matajin people, my grandfather was a merchant by profession. He dabbled in the art of sand magic, but not enough to be considered a true sand mage. Sadly, he passed on during the day of the Downfall. We were never able to recover his body, but I fear when Matajin fell into the sea, he fell with it. *Tears form in her eyes, but she stays strong and pulls them back*

I have sworn that one day, I will avenge his death. One day, I will figure out how to do so, even if it comes down to killing Mortos himself!

He is one of the warriors of my tribe and is known for his taming of hawks and other birds of prey. We have grown very close since the Downfall. I dare say that we would be very suitable mates in the future. With his strength and my power, we would have some very formidable offspring. It helps he's rather attractive, too. *She smirks*

Good travels to you. May EL-DB.comthe sands treat you well.