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NPC: Arkos

Location: Irinveron

Coordinates: 481, 152

Obituary writer for the Association of Scribes and Scholars.


Speak the Words

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*Wandering among the snow-mounded graves, you see a figure. From time to time, he bends to examine the headstones or to brush some unseen particles from them. He taEL-DB.comkes time to pause at each one as if paying his respects to the departed. Before you realize he's noticed you, he speaks* Are you here to pay your respects as well?

Who are you?
My name is Arkos and as I wander through this graveyard. I wonder who the people buried here were. There are no names on these headstones. I wonder what happened to them and why they died. Was there a battle here and are they the fallen ones? That seems plausible as there is one grave over there with five icicles on each side of it as though a General were buried there.

Sadly, that grave is also unmarked so that we, the living, are forced to wonder who they were and why they were buried here. If they were warriors from a battle, which battle? Were they victorious? I suppose they were not, else I would expect to see a monument here.

You're a wanderer?
Actually, I write obituaries for the Association of Scribes and Scholars. Unfortunately, most people do not foresee the need to provide details about their lives for those who continue on after them. Those details end up lost and that makes me sad. Walking among these graves makes me sad that we do not know who they were nor why or how they died.

They're short articles about people who have passed away and a chronicle of their achievements during their lifetimes. Many obituaries include who their parents were and whether or not there were brothers, sisters, wives, and children. But sometimes, if I am able to discover an interesting chronicle of their life, I will write a special piece to commemorate their achievements.

If I am able to find out more about these unmarked graves, perhaps I will even write a story about how these people met their end, including, of course, all the events leading up to their demise. It sounds like morbid work, but I come across some of the most touching and memorable stories in this manner.

Can we find out?
I hope so. The next time I'm in Idaloran, I'll ask a couple of acquaintances I have: Viasia and Hadet. In my line of work, these are a couple of people I run into fairly often.

That's where I turn in my articles once they're written. My editor, Chariste, takes them from me and gets them through all necessary steps until they're published. I wonder, though. Have you begun to take steps so that you are not lost to history?

I understand. It's probably something you haven't wanted to consider, but if you could take just a little time to write down a few things about yourself and your life, it could become invaluable information at some point in the future. And, it would be my great honor to store that information about you.

From time to time, you would be welcome to tell me of additional accomplishments so that they too can be amended to your information. And should you happen to perish, it would be my pleasure to write your obituary.

I'll think about it.
Very well. It is an important decision that deserves careful consideration. Most people are unwilling to contemplate the need for recording such information, but Luvela didn't hesitate one bit.

Why not?
It's an amusing story. I was passing through Candolis one day on my way back here from dropping off a story in Idolaran. Being thirsty, I stopped by the tavern for a drink and any news I missed while being away. I'm afraid I left the door open a bit too long and a gust of wind disturbed Luvela's papers which upset her. After we introduced ourselves to each other, she practically begged

me to write the weather reports. I politely declined her request which made her sad and she began to contemplate her mortality. When I offered to record her life story, she perked up and began talking for hours. She talked so long, I had to borrow some of her paper since I had run out. Why Chariste placed her here, I have no idea.

Why do you write these stories?
When I first joined the Association of Scribes and Scholars, it was 159 BGW when the Association was first founded. The original Editor-in-Chief, Rossilynne, wanted consistency and knowledge when it came to writing these final pieces of life. She figured it would be best that a young Draegoni, like myself, should be placed in charge of them and remain in charge of them until they met their end.

Why a young Draegoni?
My race is the longest-living of the humanoid races. Some of our eldest members have been rumored to live for 1,000 years before perishing of natural cauEL-DB.comses. I was only 80 years old when I joined the Association. If I live until I die of old age, I will be the obituary writer for over 900 years in theory.

When I meet my end, I assume that my successor will in turn write a grand obituary in honor of my dedication. I hope the article will truly be magnificent.

What happened to her?
She was a Human. She lived a full life and perished 30 years after the Association was founded. It was my honor to write an appropriate piece to commemorate her life and achievements. She was a great woman and I miss her wisdom.

Who are they?
Ask around Idaloran and I'm sure you will find out for yourself. Don't let their jobs fool you. they are some of the most influential beings that I know.

I'll leave you to it then. Take care.