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NPC: Arona

Location: Desert Pines Fast Reading Room

Coordinates: 159, 52

A Draegoni woman who is keeper of the ancient library around her.

She is a follower of the shadow deity Vias.

She tells of the library, and how she learned of Vias.


Speak the Words

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You walk up to a draegoni woman who has her eyes closed and slightly humming. As you get closer, one of the floor boards cEL-DB.comreak and her eyes dart open. Her gaze penetrates your very being and it feels as if she is peering directly at your soul.

Who are you?
I might ask you the same question. *Her cool voice seems to soothe you as she speaks.* I am Arona and I am the keeper of this ancient library. I see you have found the hidden entrance, that means you are worthy of its secrets.

This place was created long ago by the dragons of the olden times. Most dragons that you think of today are the ones that cause death and mayhem, but the world was once filled with dragons that worked together with mankind. This was built to commemorate those times when dragons lived in peace, but this was lost just as those memories were.

Hidden entrance
You obviously saw the coin in the rock. I found that coin as a child when I traveled to Palon Vertas to attend the magic school. Within that region, there is a place called the Library of the Ancients. It had some really old tomes on Vias which I read through and through. I remember a night where I fell asleep by the large fire with one of the books in my hands.

I had a surreal dream of a beautiful pearl-colored dragon flying over what appeared to be a desert. It was as if I could see through her eyes, and a bright glint of gold was shining brightly from a mountainside. When I awoke from this dream, I went to leave the library and passed by the Fountain of Vias.

A coin stood out to me. I made sure that the librarian was not looking, and I swiped the coin and left. I knew that the dream I had was no ordinary dream. It took me years of research to discover that the place I had seen was known as Desert Pines. I wandered Kamara desert until the brink of exhaustion. The sun was too hot for me to handle. I looked up to the sky, praying for aid.

I saw an eagle flying nearby. I took it as a sign and followed it. It brought me to this very mountainside and mysteriously vanished. I figured it was just a mirage and I collapsed to the ground and leaned on a rock to try and regain my composure. The rock had a flat, circular indentation on it and was about the size of a coin. Then the idea came to me. I pulled out the coin from the fountain.

The sun hit it just perfectly causing a bright gold beam to reflect back into the sky. When I put the coin in the indenEL-DB.comtation, it stuck but caused the mountain itself to move. A passage was revealed and this library had been rediscovered.

I am not one to ruin a secret. *She whispers to you with a slight smirk.* But I will say this.. people from all over these lands seek out this place for the gift of retention. Dragons are arguably the wisest of the creatures of Draia, and their blessing allows anyone within this structure to retain knowledge quicker than they normally would.

After I discovered this place, I tried to find a reason why it was unbeknownst to the world. I finally found a scroll in the catacombs of Naralik that spoke of mutiny against the dragons and their shrines. To prevent the destruction of this library, it was sealed from the world and the key hidden. There was not much more information aside from that.

Amazing story!
I feel as if it was my destiny to find this place and Vias was my guide.

Libraries are not the only place to search for knowledge. The catacombs also have a small collect of ancient texts that can be used to research the darker events that have taken place in the past.

She is a shadow deity and known as the Pearl Dragon. I figured she had to be the dragon I saw in my dream. I feel as if Vias as taken a special interest in me for some reason and I can feel her blessings flow through me. It is my honor to be the guardian of this library as I am honored to have her be a guardian to me. I have a feeling she was the eagle that guided me here when I was desperate.

Why you?
That's a very good question. I honestly do not know what has separated me from the crowd, but I do not question the gifts bestowed upon me.

Farewell. Remember, this library is a secret for a reason. Speak not of this place and alloEL-DB.comw others to find it for themselves. Everyone must earn the knowledge of the secrets within.