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NPC: Astra

Location: Desert Pines House of Astra

Coordinates: 90, 84

A summoner who only summons normal creations of Mother Nature, no evil creatures.

She tells of Aluwen, Selain, and some of the people found in Desert Pines.


Speak the Words

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A young elven woman stands before you, she smiles warmly as she notices you.

Who are you?
My name is Astra; I am a summoner by profession. I summon only the beautiful creations of Mother Nature though, not vile abominations such as skeletons and gargoyles!

Why is that?
Summon creatures as foul as those can only cause trouble for the summoner, who knows what could happen? Besides, my family are staunch followers of the goddess Aluwen. To summon creatures that are under the domain of Mortos would go against her teachings. While as I a summoner I follow Selain, I must respect my family's beliefs.

Have you not heard of the great goddess Aluwen? She has a passage to her temple here in Desert Pines. She blesses devoted followers with her protection, that they might defeat the evil creatures that roam the lands. She also provides healing to her servants when they are in need of it.

He is the god of summoning, amongst other things... I am not as devout a worshipper as most due to my upbringing. But the blessings he imparts on summoners are hard to resist... *She smiles embarrassedly.* I make trips to White Stone to pay my respects at his serpentine temple, but I must be sure my family doesn't find out. Captain Kane always finds a way to sneak me aboard.

Desert Pines
*She laughs gently, with a twinkle in her eye, and says* The place in which you stand! If you wish to know more about the province, you might speak with Kalana, or if your interest is in the bounty of Crystal Caverns, my good friend Krystal can aid you there.

She's the governor of Corren. She may seem a little intimidating on first impression, but aren't all women with power? *She says, winking at you.* She's a blessing for new arrivals to the region; she certainly was when Krystal and I first arrived here!

We've been friends for a long time! We even came to Desert Pines together. She knows a lot about alchemy, she helped me learn how to make essences for my summoning. You talk to her if you have an interest in alchemy. *She frowns.* Though to be honest, I think she's changed lately. Her alchemy is more important than her friends. *She scowls.*

Are you interested in summoning? *She says eagerly.* I love it! It's wonderful to have such beautiful and loyal creatures surrounding you! Krystal taught me how to make life essences for summoning, so I can revive many creatures, if only for a short time. Perhaps I should turn my hand to magic, so that I might heal them. It always upsets me when they fade, as they are such comforting companions.

Pity that many people are not quite as good company! *She says with a laugh.* I wish I could make enriched essences, there are many more wondrous creatures that I could summon with those. *She sighs.*

We are descendents of a powerful family that used to live in the City of Tirnym. Sadly, most of our lineage has disappeared when Mortos destroyed our home and killed most of Tirnym's inhabitants. *She shivers at the thought.* I can't even bear to go visit the homes of my ancestors. Too much elven blood has been spilled there.

My family refuses to rule any of the dark gods. It is why I must keep it a secret that I serve Selain.

Captain Kane
He's a very friendly fellow, though he does seem to have some suspicious activities. *She ponders at the thought.* His hidden cargo bay in the ship is quite useful for when I need to escape to White Stone unnoticed. He is a very discreet man, and I appreciate all he has done to help me. He's a good man to know when you need a favor.

Take care! *She says with a smile and a wave.*