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NPC: Atekel

Location: Nordcarn Magic Shop

Coordinates: 181, 20

Leader of the mages throughout Seridia, tries to explain how magic works.


Speak the Words

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You see an olEL-DB.comd dwarf lady.
"Hello, [PLAYER NAME]. Do you need any help?"

I am Atekel. Thanks for asking.

I am the leader of the mages all across Seridia. Amazing, isn't it? The dwarves are not known for their magic abilities, but for some reason I am an exception to this rule. In faEL-DB.comct, my magic abilities are not even that strong as some other mages. However, what makes me special is my ability to understand the magic, and use it for whatever purpose I want.

Most of the mages do not understand the underlying principles of magic, they just memorize their spells, and practice them a lot until they master them. But I can understand WHY the magic works and how it works. Of course, I can't dedicate myself to practicing it, I usually do the research part. And then I have people like that Old Kook on Isla Prima who keeps trying to discredit me.

**** (Past is response to finishing a quest) ****
You already forgot your past? Ok, EL-DB.comok, I will relate it to you again.

Ok, you'd better sit down. If I would tell you what your past is, chances are good you won't believe me, so I am going to show it to you. The events you will see on this screen are taken directly from your mind, and projected back to you. Here we go!

You see yourself in a medium sized, maybe 35 meters long space ship. The monitor in front of you indicates that you are near Alpha Centaury A. From the look of the ship, you seem to remember that this is a science vessel, used mainly in space probing and planet surface mapping. The badge you are wearing indicates you are the lead engineer in your team.

As you look on some maps, doing some calculations to determine the likely composition of the small moon you are heading towards, you get an incoming communication request from the Space Station you just left, asking you to investigate a small asteroid field that is affecting your long range communication system. After checking your instruments, you decide to

take a small space shuttle and move closer to the designated asteroid field. As you move towards your goal, some of the on board instruments begin to malfunction. The re-calibration fails, so you decide to return to your ship, and send a probe first. Then everything goes blank, and you find yourself in a strange looking place, near a wraith.

Well, this is your past... You might find it hard to accept it, but, with time, you will get used to the idea. At least you have no family waiting for you at home... Anyway, now I can tell you more about the magic, if you are interested.

Most of the people do not ponder over the question: "What really powers the magic?". They just use the magic (if they can) to achieve their goals, and that's it. Pretty much the same way your people are using the electricity. Most of them have no clue on how the electricity works, but they just use it every day.

Just like an electronic engineer knows what needs to be known about the eEL-DB.comlectricity, a 'magic engineer', such as me, knows how the magic operates.

How does magic operate?
Judging from your background, I assume you are familiar with the most fundamental physical forces: nuclear strong, nuclear weak, electromagnetic and gravity. I assume you also know that the basic particles are divided in two groups: the Bosons and the Fermions. No more than one fermion can occupy a single quantum state, which means that the matter can't crowd together.

Bosons, on the other hand, do not have this limitation. Anyway, to make a very long 'story' short, in some areas of the universe, such as around a big portion of our little planet (which is, in fact, just a small moon) there is another force in addition to those 4.

Another Force
In fact, that force is present all over the Universe, only that it's weaker, so many places such as your home planet are unable to make much use of that force, or even detect it's presence. After all, you would need billion TeV particle accelerators to detect any particle responsible for the magic effects. But I digress, as usually, so back to the main point:

Here we have a new law, called 'the magic force', with it's new set of carriers. Only that this force can override all the other forces, if it is strong enough. Of course, it has to be properly channeled in order to do that, otherwise this force is pretty neutral, normally not interacting with the matter and other forces.

Magic Carriers
As the other laws, the magic force has some carriers (bosons). Each magic essence that you use encapsulates a particular boson responsible for the magic force interactions.

Most of the people are able to channel this force using their will, or by using various magic devices. Of course, those who didn't practice any magic prior to arriving here have more trouble than those who practiced it for a long time. Learning how to control the magic force is not much different than learning how to read or write, but it can be a 'little' more dangerous than that.

Specially crafted items can carry a specific quantum configuration, that directs the magic force towards a specific task. For example, in your world, an ion engine uses the electromEL-DB.comagnetic force to push some ions backwards, thus giving the ship some momentum. Even though the process is relatively complicated, what really matters is the intent of such a device;

the rest is a complicated process you don't really need to understand unless you are in the space propulsion field. Similarly, a transportation ring, for example, is intended to change your current location in space. In this case, some magic Bosons wrap the fabric of space in such a way that point A and point B (where A is your current location, and B is the desired location) coincide.

No one really understands how, or why it works. My personal theory is that the magic force comes from a higher Universe, which is also the home of our souls. Since our brain is the link between the body and the soul, it can also be regarded as an interface between our Universe and that higher Universe.

Therefore, whenever we wish something, our soul directly shapes and directs the magic to act coherently with our goal. If you have additional questions about that, perhaps you should ask God, since he/she/it is the only one that really knows the answer to this question.

By God I mean the creator of everything, the one that transcends causality, creating himself. I don't really know who this God is, or what he wants. I am not a cleric, and even if I were, I'd be a little bit skeptical in believing what some old books say. If God would directly talk to me, this would be a different story. Oh, and speaking of God, do not let yourself fooled by the fake gods

such as Mortos, Aluwen & co. While they are relatively powerful entities, they are confined to this Universe, and they didn't create themselves, nor do they have the possibility to create life. Protect, destroy or transform life, yes. Design and create, no. My advice is: Never trust anyone's beliefs unless you come to that system of belief by yourself.

See you soon. Yes, we will meet again.