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NPC: Atreides

Location: Tahraji Desert

Coordinates: 312, 38

A hawk trainer in the tents of Tahraji.


Speak the Words

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*You come upon a young man tending to some hawks, He is dressed all in protective leEL-DB.comather. He greets you without even looking up.* Hello stranger, what brings you here?

Who are you?
You can call me Atreides. *He closes a door on a cage with a hawk in it and finally looks up at you* Anything I can do for you?

How did you know I was here?
Oh well the sands told me you were coming long before your arrival here. If you know how to listen, Izet allows the sands to tell you much of things around you.

Well, what's with the hawks?
Ahh they are my pride and joy! I train them to hunt for me in the desert. I used to train them in the royal palace for Verue when he ruled in Matajin. Glorious birds they are, keen of sight, loyal, but also fierce.

You're wearing leather in the desert?
*He smiles up at you* Yes, but it is not your ordinary leather armor. This is made by the tribes here in the Tahraji to breathe well, keep us cool and sustain our bodies during use in the open desert.

Yes, our most revered god. It is he who saved my people, the Majini, when the gods fought and destroyed Matajin in one day consuming it with sand and water. All because of Vesepia's grave mistake. He lead us out into the desert to a sacred cave. For a time we were stuck there sealed in by Izet's powerful spell. But it was for our own protection.

After a time when the war was over he came back and released us, even spoke to us all giving guidance. Never before had I seen a god act so with mortals. I will always serve Izet.

Wouldn't summoning them be easier?
Perhaps, and Selain is a most revered god here, but I find summoned beings to lose life too quickly over time. Plus, unless EL-DB.comyou are very good at your summoning, they don't always listen to your commands. At first they just seem to wander around....

Verue? Matajin?
Matajin, ahh the beautiful city is no more. It's ruins lay to the north of here if you wish to see what little is left. Most of it is at the bottom of the sea... consumed in rage by Lucaa. She changed even where the coast of this vast land is, much of it taken back by her to grow coral or fish... who knows.

Verue, well he was our king. No one has seen him for some years now though. He left with Vesepia after they spoke with Izet the day he released us from the cave. I know not of where they went or what they may be doing. Perhaps some errand for Izet himself!

What was Vesepia's mistake?
She was deceived by the dark elf Lann. He twisted her mind against Verue and Izet. In the end she mixed the bowls, whether in full or part she started the process and thus destroyed Matajin.

Bah, I will not speak of that guttersnipe. Ask another.

In ancient times, more than 4,000 years ago, Izet and Selain helped our tribe, the Majini, to found Matajin. They created a deep magic over the city that allowed only them of all the gods to visit and influence the city. This allowed our tribe to rise and subdue the other tribes of the Tahraji.

Vesepia said in her writings that Izet and Selain told her of this magic and that if the bowls that were held by Izet, Selain and Lucaa were mixed they would no longer have exclusive rights to the city. In a jealous rage inflamed by Lann's words, she mixed the first two bowls.

First two
Yes only the first two. The third she held in her hands. Izet has told us that with the first two bowls destroyed, the other gods now had some power in Matajin. Mortos did not hesitate to knock the third bowEL-DB.coml from the hands of Vesepia when the chance came, thus breaking all the magic. Izet has told us to forgive Vesepia. I, for one, do but I know that Oren does not and I'm not sure about Lehha or Admiral Zihja.

Her journal was found by Ahshta the scholar. I traveled to Portland about a year ago and Drial the librarian noticed I was of the desert and told me I should read the diary.

Oren is the only remaining priest of Izet in Seridia. I don't know how the high priest can follow so close to Izet and not heed his words to forgive Vesepia.

*A smile plays on his lips* Yes, a great warrior woman. She once commanded the guard of Verue's palace and I always liked her when I worked there. Ah, but what am I saying... A lowly animal trainer like me would have no chance with a woman such as her. Besides it is rumored she once loved a priest.

Admiral Zihja
Yes I know little of him. I did not have much interaction with him in the court. Mostly he was at sea directing the navy of the Majini. His forces did well in fending off the dark dragon ships of the invader during the early times of the great war. But more than that I cannot say.

Peace be with you traveler. May Izet give you easy paths in the sand.