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NPC: Aurora

Location: Tarsengaard TG Magic School Entrance Hall West Private Area Hall Healer's Chamber

Coordinates: 174, 346

A healer who works in the infirmary of the Tarsengaard Magic School.


Speak the Words

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*You see a mysterious-looking female who has just finished making up a bed. As you approach, you sense an inaudible hum surrounding her which then stops. Her, when she speaks, is disturbingly calming and you feel chills down your spine as she inhales and cocks her head toward you.* Hello, Burn. I've been expecting you.

What? You knew I was coming?
Certainly. I listen and I have heard your name whispered.

People are talking about me?
Forgive me, you've misunderstood. I have not asked you about others, nor have I asked others about you.

Even the youngest Draegoni knows this truth: we have these two ears so that we can listen and hear and we have these two eyes so that we may look and see, but only one voice - therefore, we say little. I don't think it translates very well into this form of speech though. Please forget I mentioned it.

Who are you?
I am Aurora. I work as a healer here in the Magic School of Tarsengaard.

You look familar
I am a Draegoni. As you can see, I am part dragon. My close-cousin, Itilli, also works here and you may have seen her already, which would explain why I look familiar to you.

You are not from here?
No. We come from one of the colder regions of Irilion. Some few of us have come here to live. Our talents and abilities as well as our goals are best served here in this Magic School for now.

Magic School
Many students have come from all over Seridia to study the ways of magic that is taught hEL-DB.comere. However, this school holds many secrets that remain unknown to even the most adept.

Interesting. Most interesting. Dual auditory appendages in good working order...and yet.

Enjoy your visit to the magic school. I hope I do not see you in here under more...painful conditions.

Are you better than the teachers here?
Compared to the oldest human teachers here, I have studied for over four of their entire lifetimes and my studies are still incomplete.

Enjoy your visit to the magic school. I hope I do not see you in here under more...painful conditions.