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NPC: Avyia

Location: Portland

Coordinates: 247, 151

A writer for the Association of Scribes and Scholars who focuses on stories about ships and sailors.


Speak the Words

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*A tall elven woman appears to be straining to see and hear what's happening down at the docks within the city, yet she will go no nearer than where she stands.* Ahoy, there! Can ya tell me what's happening down at the docks?

Ahoy? NOT!
No need to be rude about it. Buzz off.

Who are you?
Besides frustrated beyond words? I'm Avyia and I'm with the Association of Scribes and Scholars. I write about all things that float on water.

It's partly because I'm the rookie reporter at the association and I have to admit, I did make a bit of a pest of myself. But that's what you get when you give me a beat like this!

Like sea foam?
Well, that's not exactly what I meant. Anything to do with the sea is what I write about: what is it about the sea that keeps people going back? How does the sea get into your blood? That kind of thing.

I got a little carried away and kept a few sailors from doing their jobs. Uhm, that's not entirely true. It was several dozen sailors ... per day ... for several months. There were some complaints and Mayor Nyeald has issued a restraining order. I'm not allowed to get any closer to the docks than this spot right here.

A little carried away?
I know! I know! I just wanted to do a good job, to impress Chariste, and become a famous journalist.

So what now?
Could I trouble you to go into towEL-DB.comn and talk to the sailors for me?

Wait! Don't. I'm so desperate to get the information, but anyone caught helping me will share the same restraining order I'm under and I couldn't live with myself knowing I'd brought something like that on another soul.

I'd Rather Not
It's for the best anyway. Anyone caught helping me would share my fate with the same restraining order I'm under. You're pretty astute to have noticed my guilt.

She's my editor at the paper. If you're ever in Idaloran, you should look her up.

Uhm, it's kind of like the topic we're supposed to be reporting on. I have the nautical beat, which is one of the more minor beats. The seasoned reporters get the better beats, such as investigative, politics and economy. I'm really jealous of Raene... she has the beat I want.

Minor beats
Look, you try formulating an assortment of articles when everything typically stays the same in terms of nautical aspects. *She looks a little flustered.* Do you think I'll have a ground-breaking story in this beat? No! I'll never make the front page at this rate...

She is our politics reporter. She gets to go off gallivanting with royalty, attending fine banquets and dressing up in wondrous gowns. I doubt her stubby, dwarven legs even look good in a gown. So while she is living in the lap of luxury, I'm stuck at ports all the time getting attacked by seagulls and stung by mosquitoes.

Sorry, I just really had to vent. Thanks for listenEL-DB.coming. *She hugs you and you feel slightly awkward.*

Why not go elsewhere?
BECAUSE! *She says in an annoyed fashion.* Portland's docks are the busiest in Seridia and the spot where I could most likely find a story! But I'm not going to go to the other side of Portland and listen there... there's a crazy man who has been lurking around there.

Crazy man?
His name was Ivin and he was talking to the fish in the sea. Talked like a child as well. I don't know what his problem is.

So long. If you're friends with Nyeald, you should try to get my restraining order lifted. *She winks.*