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NPC: Azra

Location: Tarsengaard Tarsengaard Jewel Academy (C1)

Coordinates: 310, 70

Start NPC for Quests:

  1. Crafting Tutorial

Headmaster of the Tarsengaard Jewel Academy.


Speak the Words

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Hello my friend, welcome to the Academy. I am sorry tEL-DB.comhough that I have to disappoint you. Have a nice day.

Who are you?
Oh, I am so uncivilized at times. My name is Azra, I'm the Headmaster of the Tarsengaard Jewel Academy, at your service. I thought you wanted to enroll in our courses.

Yes, I am very sorry, but enrollment is now closed. Classes have already started, you see, and we don't want to jeopardize the curricula with new people coming in at random. You wanted to enroll, I assume?

Well, you look like a promising guy. Let me see your hands... mmm, maybe with much, much, much practice... You know, crafting is the most delicate of all arts, you need a ready mind, a firm hand, and a sharp eye to be successful in it. And above all, practice!

I can do it!
Well, let's strike a deal. You cannot enroll in regular courses right now, but you can come here and practice when you want, and we will make sure someone is available to supervise you. Then, maybe next semester, we will discuss enrollment. Oh, this is not a religious establishment, but you are a follower of Zarin, of course? And you can get your own gems?

Zarin is a capricious goddess, but she can be very generous to her followers, and the more beautiful your creations are, the more she will cast her blessings on you. Yet, my friend Durnam once gave me this good piece of advice: 'Treat with Zarin as with the sea: you can love it, you can make your living on it, but never trust it'.

I always thought it was odd of him to use the sea as an analogy for Zarin, since you know - Lucaa is the Goddess of the Sea. But I'm not well-versed in theological matters, and in this land it is always better not to meddle in the affairs of the gods.

Durnam is Zarin's high priest; you will have to talk with him if you want to become a follower of Zarin. He will tell you EL-DB.comall you might want to know about the proper ways to honor Zarin. For me, I'm happy with putting all my mind to my jewels.

Where is Durnam?
He is normally in Zarin's Temple. And before you ask... the Temple is not really open to the public. I am not allowed to provide directions to it. If your fate is to find it, Zarin will guide your steps. And if she doesn't like you, no amount of searching will reveal you the temple. Let the diamond of Zarin be your guide.

Lucaa is the Queen of Nature, goddess of all that grows or is mined from the earth. And, as I said, she is goddess of the Seas. 'Mother Nature', people call her - and she can be incredibly generous, or decidedly hostile. Or generous one moment, hostile another. In short, she can be pissed off at you quite easily, and there isn't much you can do to avoid it.

Yes, indeed, Lucaa is even less reliable than Zarin. But alas, you have come here to talk crafting, not gods. This reminds me that I have to give a lecture on Harvester Medallions starting in 10 minutes, we have to be brief.

Why not meddle?
You know, Tarsengaard is a divided land. Officially, Zarin has her residence here. But Lucaa also claims a share of the land. And of course, the masters in the magic school are mostly followers of Unolas... but we were talking enrollment?

Sapphires, emeralds, rubies and - most perfect of all - diamonds. Our task is to take the raw stones provided by Mother Nature and turn them into well-polished gems. I hope you already passed Crystallography 101? That is peripatetic to all courses on Rings and Greater Jewels.

Teleport rings are our specialty here; you can travel very efficiently even the longest of distances with those. But we also offer a postgraduate course on Combat rings; the proficient student will learn how to craft rings for inflicting damage on an opponent, leave an unfavorable fight safely, etc.

Artifacts such as Crown of Life are the height of our discipline. Yes, there are more subtle pieces of work, like certain medallions... but a well-executed crowEL-DB.comn is the most rewarding item to make. You can really change someone's life with a crown. But, be prepared: it takes a lot of study to become able to make those!

Harvester Medallions
Yes, a nice and relatively less known gizmo, it will cause Mother Nature to look more favorably upon you. It's not on a par with the most precious jewels, but pretty interesting as a subject.

Why yes, recruited by Grandmaster Jerun himself. My old flame, Aurora, told Jerun of my great skill as a craftsmen and my ambition to teach the masses. He sent for me in Dra Syn and I have been here ever since. Quite the interesting thing, I never told her I wanted to be a teacher. Must be that darned wind trick she knows.

Wind trick?
Aurora is gifted with the ability to decipher the messages carried upon the winds. Not many mages you will meet have that ability. From what I hear, her abilities are almost on par with Jerun's, in that respect.

Have a good day!