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NPC: Baidor

Location: Tarsengaard TG Magic School Entrance Hall Meeting Hall North Hall Magic School Library

Coordinates: 72, 236

Working for Master Jerun as his right-hand man, Baidor is attempting to study gargoyles by looking at a statue of one in the school library.


Speak the Words

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*You see a human man seated at the check-out counter. He aEL-DB.comppears to be studying a gargoyle statue quite carefully.*

Who are you?
Can't you see how busy I am? If you have to ask, you must be new here. Go away unless it's important.

Hey! I asked you a question
Look, let's be clear from the start. Since you've asked, my name is Baidor - remember it. I am Master Jerun's right-hand man: all the truly important tasks, he assigns to me. I have his confidence, so anything you want him to know - it goes through me first. He's much too busy to speak with the likes of you.

Exactly, so now you see just who you're dealing with.

What are you doing?
Not that I would expect you to understand - mage business being what it is after all - Master Jerun has asked me to study gargoyles. I can guess why, of course: there are some gargoyles in the area and he's going to want me to take care of the problem. He's grooming me.

Who's Master Jerun?
Even the first-year students know who Master Jerun is BEFORE they apply. Master Jerun is the leader of this school and one of the four Grandmasters.

Grooming you? Why?
Yes. I expect by this time next year I'll be co-leader of this school and after that, who knows... I may even succeed him and when I do, I'll promote Professor Donegal to be my assistant headmaster.

Have you seen a gargoyle?
Hello... There's one right over there... What do you think I've been studying all this time? You're being as irritating me as Jonna! At least she's stopped coming around. No wait. You're as irritating to be around as Wimmip. Yes. That's it.

I mean in real life...
Am I talking to myself? It's standing right there. It's not enchanted making it invisible to the uninitiated - so even you should be able to see it. Sure I know it's merely a statue, but the real thing can't be all that different.

Only the best get to be called 'Grandmaster'. Master Jerun is the Grandmaster of Air - you know, as in the elements?

I wish you all the success you deserve.
Well then, I guess you've learned something here today. You're in the Magic School's Library after all.

Professor Donegal
Only the brightest, most perceptive professor in this entire academy! He teaches potions here, a skill at which I excel and which caught the professor's eye. He's awestruck at what I can do with a cauldron. The well-deserved praise he gives me in front of others is meant to humble them and reinforce my greatness to them.

To me? She's a nobody...just a student who, like you, likes to pester me with annoying questions. She's interested in studying gargoyles too, probably because she wants to be as invaluable to Master Jerun as I am. But like I said, she has stopped coming around here and I'm much too busy to be concerned about where she is now or what else she's studying.

She's an irritating little gnome. Maybe you should go looking for her. When she comes in here to do some research, she's always sneezing around the books. It's enough to break even MY concentration.

All the best magical reference material can be found right here. I should knEL-DB.comow, I've read every one... But, these books are only available to students.

I should be going.
Finally... Ta ta...