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NPC: Bais

Location: Portland Storage Storage Side Room

Coordinates: 118, 86

Leader of the Chamber of Commerce for Portland.


Speak the Words

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You see a busy looking, middle aged man, reading sEL-DB.comome documents. Without turning his head, he says:
"Hello, [PLAYER NAME], need any help?"

I am Bais, the Chamber of Commerce leader.

Chamber of Commerce
It's a committee of 9 people. Most of our attributions are to regulate the intercontinental, continental and internal trade. Obviously, our decisions affect only the commerce actually EL-DB.comtaking place in Portland. We are an independent body, with full autonomy, but we still report to the Portland Council. And no matter what others might say, we are politically neutral.

Portland is a nice place, but I guess you know that already. I am busy right now, so I can't give you a tour of the city. Feel free to talk to Nyeald, our Mayor, he will give you all the info you need.

It's a group of 6 people, lead by the Mayor, that acts as a small scale government.

His name is Nyeald, you should find him somewhere around here. That, of course, if he is not out of town, in which case I have no idea where to find him.

Intercontinental Trade
We have some trade treaties with Irilion, especially with the gnomes living there. And we also have some small trade routes with other smaller islands, but sometimes some of the islands are dangerous because the pirates have a predilection in attacking undefended cargo ships, and we can't afford escorting all the ships, so the less important routes are often undefended.

Irilion is the biggest continent around and it's located about 2000 KM South East of here. I don't know too much about it, never been there.

They are really vicious creatures, which cause a considerable amount of damage to the world's economy. This year alone, 1 ship was sunk, 3 were damaged, and 2 raided. Each year the estimated loss exceeds 1M gold coins. We are working at the problem, and we are close to a solution, but I am afraid I can't give you any details yet.

Continental Trade
We have various trading treaties with Whitestone, Mynadar, Corren, Nordcarn, and other smaller places. While the continEL-DB.comental trade is safer, and usually faster than the intercontinental trade, there isn't that much money coming out of it.

The gnomes are very intelligent, technical minded humanoid creatures. They live in Irilion, and everyone in the world has trade treaties with them, because their industry and technology is simply amazing. There are some rumors that they are working at a new invention capable of breaking the very bricks of matter, and create huge amounts of energy in the process.

They also have some solar powered beam weapons, capable of destroying entire fleets. Why, they even destroyed the pirates flag ship, which was legendary for it's invulnerability. In less than 5 seconds, it was engulfed in flames, and it took less than 10 minutes for it to sink. I'd wish we'd get our hands on such technology...

Although incapable of even the most rudimentary magic, they more than compensate through their technology. Of course, they have their limitations, and some rumors are overly exaggerated. For example, one of our ship captains claimed that they are trying to subdue the 'color force'. That is funny, since we all know there is no such thing as a color force.

I just told you about some of their inventions. Most of them are secret, especially the 'high tech stuff', as they use to call it. But they do share various low technology with others. Examples of low technology (to them) include solar steam powered boats, high efficiency windmills, and some furnaces able to produce temperatures over 10000 C, used for wolfram processing.

Internal trade
There is not a lot of internal trade going on, except for the wine that comes from the winery, and the various shops in and around Portland. The internal trade tax is minimal, only 1%, and applies only for transactions exceeding 50 gold coins. However, in the spirit of free trade, the non citizens can buy things from our stores without being taxed.

Nice seeing you, take care.