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NPC: Bakart

Location: Southern Kilaran Field

Coordinates: 173, 35

Event planner for Lord Quinticus, he seems to be sampling the spirits a bit too much.


Speak the Words

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A thin dirty man takes a pull from a wine bottle as you approach, there aEL-DB.comre several books beside him which he seems to be compulsively resorting.

Who are you?
*He glares at you suspiciously* Me.

Trouble deciding?
Trouble deciding? Certainly not! The books, they have an order: By color, by size, by subject, by use. Remembering the order is another thing entirely.

Hand over the bottle!
No *His grip tightens on the wine bottle* It is my duty as the event planner for Lord Quinticus to sample all spirits.


Wow! Talkative!
You asked my name, I gave it. No need to be snippy. *He goes back to rearranging the books*

Just decide!
*He glares at you* Nothing to decide, just to remember. Lord Quinticus is very particular, everything must be perfect. If only I could remember. Maybe Ash knows....

Ash was a good man. He was a clerk in Lord Quinticus household. He was a wonderful scribe, used to write all of Lord Quinticus iEL-DB.comnvitations with stunning handwriting. He lost Marietta, his wife, in the battle of the bridge. Now he lives forever as a troll.

Um, Troll???
Lord Quinticus went to reunite him with Marietta after her death. The spell *He takes another pull from the bottle* didn't work as intended. Now Ash is forever stuck in a Troll's body. Damn Mortos's curse!

You don't know about the curse? *He continues after you nod* Go bother someone else, a librarian or that talkative Pickle fellow.

Black cloaked elfin freak. Always asking nosy questions seems to be on some silly 'quest'. He'll get himself hurt if he keeps asking those questions here. Lord Quinticus wasn't fond of nosy people, had a special room in the dungeon for them.

Event planner
*He takes a large gulp from the bottle* Lord Quinticus had many events, public and private. I was hired to oversee all events, run them and make sure they ran smoothly. Lord Quinticus was very particular about his events. He could intimidate some of his guests so I invented a game to play at the more public parties.

Oh, game?
Oh the game! It was a most marvelous game. *He closes his eyes in remembrance* Everyone loved it, acceptance to events tripled. Some dice, a dozen or so polished gemstones, a large painted board and a wagon load of random chance cards.

It started small with one board but grew quickly with the popularity. Soon you could leave the starting board and travel to another board with different chance cards. The party goers delighted in discovering the differences between game board 1 and game board 2.

Before I knew it people started making copies of the game for themselves. They started playing in their homes. Lord Quinticus even sent coEL-DB.compies of the game, with instructions, to some of his allies. Everywhere it was an instant success! *He takes another pull from the bottle*

Lord Quinticus?
Master of the manor, Lord of Carmien village. My own Lord and Master. He is missing now; I've looked all over Carmien and even the northern Kilaran region and found no sign of him. I have many plans for the game, many ideas for new parties and events. But I haven't found Lord Quinticus.

He goes back to his 'work' and doesn't even acknowledge that you're leaving.