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NPC: Baostas

Location: Nordcarn Glilin Temple - Entrance Hall Glilin Temple

Coordinates: 132, 68

High Priest for Manufacturing god Glilin.


Speak the Words

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Hello, [PLAEL-DB.comYER NAME]!
I am Baostas, Glilin's priest. What can I do for you?

I want to serve Glilin!
Burn, are you sure you want to join Glilin? He is a hard to please god. At the beginning, you'll be rank -2, so, until you are at least rank 0, you will lose manufacture experience.


Please tell me more about Glilin.
To become a worshipper of Glilin you must know that true divinity lies in the work of our hands and minds. Only when we are disciplined in our work we can truly be free. Glilin is the essence of the manufacturer. To follow his path is to bring true craftsmanship into the world.

Serving Glilin will help you guide your hammer and hand to greater accomplishments. Followers of Glilin will gain a bonus to Manufacturing. We also demand you to dedicate time to the templeforge, so in the beginning you will actually loose experience in manufacturing.

Go in peace!