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NPC: Barnes

Location: Palon Vertas Palon Vertas Escape Tunnels

Coordinates: 180, 156

Searching all of Draia for knowledge and riches as a treasure hunter, Barnes is currently investigating the escape tunnels of Palon Vertas.


Speak the Words

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*You see a rugged man wearing a piecemeal assortment of exotic clothing that somehow 'works'. He seems to be contemplating his surroundings at great EL-DB.comlength. At the sound of your approach he turns his piercing blue eyes on you and smiles.* Hail and well-met friend! Be you a treasure-hunter as well?

Who are you?
The name is Barnes. As I mentioned before, I'm a treasure-hunter.

That's right. I scour the lands of Draia in search of knowledge and riches, often lost in the annals of history.

Treasure in these wastes?
Aye. One never knows where one can find treasure. Some of my most valuable and important finds have been discovered in stranger and often more inhospitable places than here - from the scorching sands of the Tahraji Desert to the frozen tundra of Irinveron. It just takes perseverance and a passion for discovering secrets.

You said 'valuable'?
Aye. And I'm not just talking about those shiny golden coins that people put so much faith in - although I must admit I've done fairly well in that respect. I'm also talking about knowledge - perhaps finding a new resource - something that can be exploited by you and you alone.

Discovering secrets?
You'd be surprised at how many secrets there are to be found out there in our great world. Who knows how they got there? The point is folk can make a good living with an inquisitive mind and a little ingenuity. You look like you've got a bit of the old treasure-hunting spirit in you, or else you wouldn't have found these undergrounds.

Although I'm unlikely to build a summer home here anytime soon, I am drawn back here again and again. There's always some new place or secret to discover. There's more to these undergrounds than meets the eye, I assure you.

I've heard of a place down here with dangerous monsters, a training area for fearless warriors and a wealth of precious stones. Some even say there may be a EL-DB.compassage to the ancient underground city of Zirakgunda somewhere here in Palon Vertas - a legendary place of riches and mystery. Someday I hope to find them.

You're a real fisher for information, hey? That's the right spirit for a treasure hunter! All I know is the entrance is found somewhere in the south of Palon Vertas. Maybe you'll let me know if you find it someday.

Passage to Zirakgunda?
All I know is a riddle I've come across in my research: 'The sun may not shine in Zirakgunda, but let the sun be your guide.' It's not much to go by I know, but maybe a clever adventurer like yourself can decipher it's meaning.

You must be incredibly rich.
Well, if you judge a man's success by his worldly gains, then you might say I am wealthy. Through a lot of luck and hard work I have managed to discover many noteworthy finds in my time. However, there is one great treasure that eludes me still to this day...

And that is?
Call me a hopeless romantic, but all the treasure in the world means nothing to me without a good woman to share it with.

Good woman?
I'll be honest with you, I had an ulterior motive in choosing Palon Vertas as my current base of explorations. There's a celebrity reporter based here as well, an angelic woman named Brittani. I don't know her at all, but I admit I am smitten by her.

Unfortunately, I don't think she knows that I exist. So, until the day I finally get up the nerve to speak to her, I'll keep myself busy down here in these vast undergrounds - trying to find something incredible so that she may take notice of me.

Take carEL-DB.come, friend