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NPC: Basileus

Location: White Stone Vermor Castle Vermor Castle Dungeon

Coordinates: 83, 11

A hunter, battling the gargoyles and the curse of Vermor Castle.


Speak the Words

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*Standing in front of you, tall and proud in his armor, you see an imposing draegEL-DB.comoni. As you cautiously get closer, he slashes his blade at you! (barely missing)*

Attack him!
*He easily parries your attack, then starts Laughing Out Loudly* Aha! So you have some spirit in you, my friend. I could see that from your demeanor immediately. Hope you did not mind my little jest; at times one needs a little break from hunting. Allow me to introduce myself. *He bows.* I am called Basileus.

*You run away screaming like a little girl. You hear the draegoni man laughing at you mockingly.*

Of course, my attack was a jest. If I had really wanted to hurt you, you wouldn't have had a chance. Or maybe I could have left you wandering around and our stony comrades would have taken care of you. But that would have not been honorable at all on my part. Anyway, welcome to Vermor Hole, the most infested place in all of White Stone.

Stony comrades
Yep: gargoyles, as you can see. Of all sizes and shapes - and in large numbers. Don't tell me you haven't noticed them! *He laughs again.*

Ssshh! They can hear us!
My friend, you are not familiar with gargoyles, are you? They can be strong as oxen and hard as rock of course - and their sight is not bad, considering they have a habit of living only in darkness - but they aren't smart and are a bit hard of hearing! I've only heard one talk in all my time here.

Vermor Hole
Well, the proper name would be 'Vermor Castle', but it has been quite a while since there was a Lord in Vermor Castle. The family was powerful in the olden days, but it has been several generations now that the mantle has fallen on the Luxins in the city. And this hole... well, you can see its current state for yourself.

Why are you here?
That's a question I've asked myself several times... it seems pointless, right? I can kill gargoyles 24-7 and they will still keep coming back after short while. Futile exercise, eh? But actually, I consider it a form of training - it keeps me in good shape and alert. And I'm making a point here.

You never know when you might be called to arms in a major battle. It's better to keep fit. Me and my friends come here, from time to time, to practice our fighting skills. It's true, at times, that someone goes back home with a bruise or two - and to be honest, there have been incidents in the past. Deadly ones. But that's what you must prepare for, if you are a true warrior.

Which point?
You see, if we stop fighting because of the Curse... it is like admitting they won. Maybe these monsters haven't overrun us, but they sure have broken our spirit. Many people around are adjusting to life with the Curse, saying things like 'we have our places, let these creatures have theirs'. I cannot condone that point of view.

I am a warrior, I will not come to an appeasement. Return they may, and I will kill them again. It is between us and Mortos and we will not be defeated - on my honor! I only wish more people would think the same...

What people think?
Some think that the War is ended and we should get back to our civil jobs and become farmers, or smiths, or whatever... They cannot understand that being a warrior is, above all, an issue of honor, a way of life, and a discipline of the body and mind. They think swinging a pickaxe makes you a warrior... fools!

If all we had around were people who thought like that, Mortos would now rule the lands and they would be hunted down by his monsters - instead of the other way around. Duh, 'containment strategy' they call it in their councils... They should kiss our mantle, instead of looking at us from above. But enough, politics is dirtier than an ogre's underwear.

Containment strategy
The latest brilliant idea - it was discussed a couple of weeks ago by the Tirnwood council - instead of attacking the gargoyles here in the castle, we'd only guard the borders of the Vale, making sure they don't get in. And see if they give us the courtesy of not attacking, in exchange. They act like the people in Lakeside or in the City aren't in danger as well!

Imagine if the stony hearts and brains of EL-DB.comthe gargoyles could play politics... ugh!

Tirnwood council
It's the ruling body in Tirnwood. They meet every new moon or so in a large hall in Tirnwood. Usually they talk all night, decide on nothing and send an envoy to Lord Luxin to ask him what they should decide. Overall, it is a nice way to keep the oldies entertained. But I don't like it when they talk so lightly of war considering it's someone else's sweat and blood.

Honor and discipline
Being a good warrior isn't easy. It isn't enough to be proficient with your sword, spear, bow, or whatever. You must be strong and swift, mighty and tough, and quick of both hand and mind. And there is a Code of Honor that is informally adopted by all honorable warriors.

Code of Honor
This is the measure by which you will be judged by your fellow warriors: First: if you find the remains of someone who has fallen in honorable battle, try to keep them safe for his comrades. Secondly, if another warrior is fighting an honorable battle, don't interfere with it. Thirdly, if you are fighting against monsters and someone comes in wishing to train, welcome him and share the fun.

Well, have to admit, it's not really hunting - this place is so infested that it is mostly hacking and slashing at everything that moves. There is nothing here worth preserving alive, except the occasional visitor like yourself - and possibly that poor guy, Jarrett of Lakeside, who is convinced he is Lord Vermor... If you meet him, don't believe everything he tells you. Personally, I think the guy is a nut.

The Curse of Mortos, by which every damned monstrosity that is killed in these lands, comes back to life after a short while, as if nothing had happened. Tough stuff, eh?

They talk?
I was surprised as well. One gargoyle tried to convince me he was harmless because his Lord wished that he did not attack visitors to the castle. It sounded like a trick to me, so trusting my gut instinct, I delivered a killing blow to the creature. He still to this day tells me that he is friendly. A friendly gargoyle... right... and I'm Lady Luxin!

Be careful, this place is unsafe by itself - and some parts are even moEL-DB.comre dangerous... watch out! And maybe we will fight side by side one day!