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NPC: Beaken

Location: Palon Vertas Library

Coordinates: 285, 39

A student of astrology at the Palon Vertas Magic School, he studies in the Palon Vertas library away from the school.


Speak the Words

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*As you approach the blazing fire, you spot a rather tall draegoni lad sitting in one of the chairs reading a textbook and scribblEL-DB.coming frivolously in his notebook. He looks up and your eyes meet.* Why, hello there. Are you part of the study group for Astro 210?

Who might you be?
I might be Beaken, but you may never know if that's the truth. *He laughs as he responds to your question.*

No, sorry.
Damn. I was hoping the posting I made in the cafeteria would attract some of my classmates. This astrology class is way more than I bargained for. Stupid Ratemyprofessors was completely wrong about this being a blow off class. Now I'm stuck here studying by myself in this deserted library. *He rolls his eyes and scribbles down a few more lines in his notebook.*

Too bad the Wise Ass doesn't have such good help as the one here. *He peers over his shoulder.*

You know.. the study of the stars and space. Right now, Professor Dezma is having us learn star-mapping and we have to memorize the names and locations of over a hundred stars. It's driving me insane! She expects way too much of us for an elective credit.

Wise Ass?
Oh I guess you aren't enrolled at the school. Most of the students have adapted calling the Wise Owl library the "Wise Ass" because of the tome keeper, Toelle, who maintains the library. Never ask him a question unless you want a smart-ass response. He's one of the two reasons I started to study here instead.

Other reason?
Heh, well let me put it this way. There is a very quick way from the Wise Owl to the Ancients. *He glances up toward the bookshelves.*

Good help?
Well, this may sound extremely odd, but I'm infatuated by the librarian here. Shayna is such a sweet and kind person, yet hilarious and at the same time. Just being in the same room as her puts my heart at ease. *He looks over at Shayna and a slight smile forms on his face.*

But she's so much older than you
On the contrary, I am actually older than her. You must know, draegoni and humans age differently. While I appear to be in a very youthful state, I am actually 128 years old. That's more than a lifetime for a human like Shayna. It's a shame that age affects humans the way it does. I would love to take the next 125 years just learning more about her. *He realize how loud he was talking, and tones his voice down.*

I don't know what I'm saying! You must not speak of this to anyone. If Baya finds out, I'm toast and my parents will ship me off to the Egratia Magic School as a punishment. *He shivers at the thought.*

She's my fiance. Our parents are both from high society families back in Iscalrith and arranged our marriage before we were even born. Luckily for me, Baya is beautiful but her essence doesn't capture me like Shayna's. *He sighs.* Half the time I can't find Baya anyway because she is off gallivanting with Master Osreng. She really wants to be his apprentice.

Egratia Magic School?
The lowest of the low in regards to the Irilion magic schools. It's not even managed by one of the grandmasters, but rather by a very eccentric dwarf. I wouldn't expect to learn much there, nor the quality of my education to even be remotely salvageable. Besides, Egratia is filled with all the racial rejects anyway.

Master Osreng?
You must not be from around here... He is the Grandmaster of Water and leader of the Palon Vertas Magic School. Baya admires him and wants to follow in his footsteps. She has the delusion of one day being the Grandmaster of Water herself. I don't have much hope for her in those regards. She has a tremendous amount of trouble summoning water spirits, which the Master can do effortlessly.

From what I'm told, the outcasts, thieves and the exiled call Egratia their home. I've even heard some call it the Realm of the Unwanted.

Water spirits.
It's the speciality of the mages here in this school. Master Osreng learned to call upon the spirits lurking within any pool of water and bends them to his will. They were very pEL-DB.comowerful allies in the Great War and caught the enemies off guard. I'd be surprised too if I saw a humanoid figure made of liquid pulling me into the depths of the Vormus as well!

Thanks. Hopefully I'll have a study group going soon.