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NPC: Belle

Location: Tarsengaard Orvimon Crypt

Coordinates: 79, 30

A monster hunter who is looking for the love of her life, who was cursed and turned into a monster.


Speak the Words

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*From the time you entered Orvimon Crypt, a haunting melody has been teasing your ears and now, as you approach a lovely woman, you realize that you have finally found the source. YEL-DB.comou watch as she spins and dances, her beautiful yellow gown flows gracefully around her. During one such turn, she notices you and beckons you to come closer.* Please, be my guest.

No more singing!
What? How rude! I sing beautifully, I'll have you know, but I'm sorry I disturbed you.

Who are you?
I'm Belle and before you ask, I am a long way from home. In many ways, I miss my little village, though, where life was quiet and simple. Now, for me, it just isn't the same.

Why not?
Because I'm looking for monsters. That's what monster trackers do, right? But I have my sights specifically set on a couple of monsters because one of them has ruined my life!

What happened?
Somehow, for some strange reason, a monstrous person placed a curse upon someone I love. Sure, to some he was sometimes coarse and unrefined, but deep down where it really matters, he was very dear.

What about the other?
You're going to make me say it, aren't you. Well, ok. The other monster I'm searching for boyfriend!

Boyfriend? I know, I know. It's a tale as old as time, but it's as true as it can be. We wanted to hate each other, in fact, we were barely even friends, but then one of us gave in unexpectedly. We were both a little scared because neither one of us was prepared. I knew immediately we were destined to be.

Prepared for what?
Our lives seemed to be headed down one path, a direction we both wanted. How could we possiblEL-DB.comy have foreseen the tragedy that has befallen us? How could anyone prepare for what was done?

I see.
So, I am now looking for monsters. I am traveling down a path I had not seen coming, although Hahn may have.

Why those clothes?
So that my love will recognize me for who I am, not what I have become.

He's a dear sweet man I met on my journey through White Stone. He's a tracker and that's one skill I could use improvement on. We talked for hours and hours around his campfire one night and he gave me all sorts of tips that have proven to be very helpful. Kaleb certainly appreciated what I was able to do to help him.

He's another dear sweet man I met on my journey. He lives on a farm not far from here. His brother Ivin had been playing in a fort made from bales of hay when he spotted a bird flitting about. He became fixated on the bird and ran off after it. In doing so, he knocked down the bales and Kaleb lost track of Ivin, so I tracked Ivin down and brought him back to his brother.

Ivin is a monster?
Good heavens, no! He is unusual, though. It is strange to find the innocence of a child inside the body of a man. Talking to Ivin was very enlightening, but he's a great listener too. He loves my singing.

Good hunting then...
Thank you. If you happen to find my quaint village, will you let them know I found adventure in the great wide somewhere?

Of course.
Thank you. I appreciate eveEL-DB.comrything you can do for me.

Take care! *She goes back to singing her enchanting melody.*