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NPC: Ber-lak

Location: Sedicolis

Coordinates: 20, 160

Chieftain of a Goblin tribe in Blaungle (as the Goblins refer to Sedicolis).


Speak the Words

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An armed goblin stands before you, yet he doesn't appear to be acting in an aggresEL-DB.comsive manner. Out of pure curiosity, you approach the creature to see if it speaks.

Who are you?
*The goblin briefly glances at you and disregards you with a roll of his eyes* Ber-lak no care for your formalities. Ber-lak no care who you are. You just pest in Ber-lak's side.

Why do you not attack me?
Ber-lak is chieftain, not thug. Ber-lak only fights in wars, not common battles with pests. Ber-lak has tribe for that.

Ber-lak's people own this region. We hunt. We kill. We live. We own. People of city are weak. We walk streets like they ours and no one stops Ber-lak's tribe. Not mayor. Not guard. Not small one. Pests live in fear. Ber-lak runs tribe because Ber-lak is strongest. Ber-lak could kill you if Ber-lak want to. Selain make Ber-lak strong. Selain make Ber-lak chieftain.

No leader as strong as Ber-lak. Mayor armor is nothing like Ber-lak's! Ber-lak's sword will slice mayor one day and Ber-lak will lead the city of pests.

No match for Ber-lak! Guard is young and weak. Even smallest in tribe could kill guard. Tribe laughs when they see the puny guard watching us from wall. Tribe throws rocks at him to show him we are not fearful.

Tribe kills for Selain. Selain maker of Goblins. Selain chooses leader of Goblins. Selain chose Ber-lak over Bob. Bob too weak so Ber-lak send Bob away. Tribe do to thank Selain. Tribe would kill for Selain. Enemy of Selain is enemy of tribe and Ber-lak.

Bob is brother of Ber-lak. But Bob weak and Ber-lak strong. Ber-lak drop Bob in ocean and Bob float Tribe never see Bob again. Ber-lak happy Bob is gone. Selain sent Bob to different place far from tribe.

Small one
Small one sits on wall with stones and mallets. Ber-lak can not reach small one but Ber-lak knows the small one is weak. Small one is strange and Ber-lak doesn't think small one is from Blaungle.

*The goblin lets out what you think is a laugh. His breath makes you cringe with just a mere whiff and you notice his teeth are jagged and rotten* Ber-lak can't believe how stupid you are. How not you know where you are? *He looks perplexed... in a goblin sort of way* You are in Blaungle! Name of this place is Blaungle. Tribe named this place long time ago!

But it's called Sedicolis...
No! *He tightens the grip around his sword and brings it close to your neck* You get warn now. This goblin land. Land called Blaungle! Pests call home Sedacoles and call forest Black Jungle, but pests stole name from goblins! It not called Black Jungle, it called Blaungle!

Sorry. Blaungle it is then.
*He removes the sword from the area of your neck* Good pest. Ber-lak will let you live. Now go before Ber-lak change mind.

The goblin grunts as you walk away.