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NPC: Beth Ann

Location: Valley of the Dwarves

Coordinates: 49, 141

A writer for the Association of Scribes and Scholars who is trying to get information about King Gondric's proposed health care plan.

Beth Ann

Speak the Words

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*You see a pretty woman standing dangerously close to tEL-DB.comhe edge of the roof. In a fit of panic, you cry out...*

Don't jump!
What? Jump? Don't be silly. If I wanted to get down from here I would simply walk down the way I came up or teleport myself down to the pavement below.

Who are you?
My name is Beth Ann. I'm a reporter for the Association of Scribes and Scholars, A.S.S. for short. Perhaps you've heard of me?

Sorry. You scared me.
No apology needed, my friend. I'm sorry I frightened you.

Why are you up here?
From up here, I can see farther than I can from below. Sometimes it gets very crowded down there with all sorts of people trying to gain access to Molgor. He's so busy I haven't had a chance to interview him yet.

About what?
About what? Are you a raisin? Raisins are grapes who have been disconnected from the grapevine and the word going around the grapevine is all about the health care plan! There's so much material here I could write an extended series of articles about it. And if things happen that are rumored to happen, it could even turn into a war! Wow! War! I can hardly wait to write about it. It's going to make me famous!

Soon I'll be able to choose from all the best places to work. Sure I could write about all the robberies going on, but that pales in comparison.

War? Are you nuts?
Of course no one wants another war so soon after the Great War. I was too young to be involved in thEL-DB.comat, but by comparison, the war that's rumored will only be localized. People fighting for resources.

Healthcare plan?
The one King Gondric is trying to establish.

What robberies?
Are you with the local militia? *The confused look on your face is enough that she continues talking.* Good, because I've met the thief. He said I could call him 'Patrick'. From the way he said it, I'm sure it's an alias. I haven't had time yet to dig into his past to find out who he really is. Sure, there's an element of danger in it, but you know what? I just absolutely LOVE my job!

What resources?
Gold and silver mainly, but once things get going, I'm sure other resources will be added to the list.

King who?
On what planet are you from? King Gondric is the beloved, elected leader of the dwarves and gnomes of Seridia. His latest idea, that has created such a buzz on the grapevine, has to do with providing free healthcare for his subjects. Personally, I'm wondering if he's up for re-election. This could be a ploy to gain popularity or to divert attention away from some kind of scandal. *She looks giddy with delight.*

There sure is. It's lead by Custan. You can usually find him in Nordcarn - just look for the guy watching the skies for pirates. *You appear confused.* Trust me, just go to Nordcarn and talk to him. He'll explain everything.

How would that work?
It's complicated, but here's how it currently stands. The potions and magic factions are competing to be the health care providers. The alchemy faction is backing the magic faction and they're wanting Stryker to invade the silver mines in Morcraven Marsh to secure a steady supply of silver.

He's the king's head of security. His group is in favor of the invasion, but he wants additional funding to pay for more waEL-DB.comrriors and a provision within the health care plan for all his people to be covered, even if they aren't a dwarf or gnome.

Who's heading up the factions?
Vaeamo is the spokesman for the potions faction, Circe leads the magicians, and Ingrid leads the alchemists. Now I know the sides are off balance, but they make compelling arguments for their respective skills. I don't have time to list them now. I suggest you speak with them.

Using silver to pay for healthcare?
No, the silver is for making essences related to healing. King Gondric is planning on using gold to pay for the healthcare. That's why so many others are excited about this plan too.

What others?
Aelric is an engineer who is looking for R&D money to build a huge gold extraction and processing machine. Gemma is wanting Aelric to create gold thread and sequins so she can charge even more for her clothing designs. Gerund is also wanting money to develop protective gear: steel-toed boots and miners' helmets. Nolida has formed a miner's union and they're quite interested in the protective gear.

Is everyone in favor?
Not at all. There's Galen who's against it. He worships Lucaa though, so he wants to protect her resources. Then there's Nestor. He's afraid that having all that gold in circulation will devalue the jewelry he crafts. Nolida is in favor of the gear, but doesn't want to be taken advantage of, which is why she formed the union. The most vocal opponent though, is Megera.

Who is Megera?
She is the most interesting person in this whole thing because she is central to it. She is King Gondric's cousin and the kingdom's treasurer. Since money talks, everyone is after her to make sure their voices are heard and to try to influence her to accept their position. I think it's tearing her up and when it all falls apart like I think it will, I'll be right here to capture the whole thing for A.S.S.

My editor, Chariste, is totally on board for my series of articles and she's looking forward to a boost in circulation. Needless to say, I've been to see Megera quite often lately to get her reactions to what people are saying. Oh, sorry to cut this short, but I see someone I simply MUST speak with. Will you excuse me please?

Thanks. Stop by again sometime after you've learned more about King Gondric's health care plEL-DB.coman. I'll interview you to gauge your reaction. It'll make a great human-interest story. Bye!

See you around! If you hear anything that would pertain to my article, let me know!