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Client version 1.9.6

Item: Big Book of Crafting

Base Info

Big Book of Crafting

When read, provides 60,000 experience in Crafting. Big books can be read multiple times by buying more copies.

Weight: 2 emu

Stackable: no

Storage: books

Server Description: Gives 60000 crafting exp. Can re-read.

Item ID / Image ID: 1016 / 22

To Make

Skill: Crafting

Recommended Skill Level: 100

Base Experience: 370

Food Used Per Mix: 34

Required Knowledge:
Book of Books Book of Books

Required Nexus: Artificial 2

Action Points: 200 per mix


Total Ingredient Weight: 15 emu

NPC Offers

MapNPC Sells forBuys at
White Stone White StoneExpilaExpila15,000