The Unofficial Eternal Lands Database
Client version 1.9.6

NPC: Brogan

Location: Portland

Coordinates: 191, 355

Type: Bookseller

Bookseller in Portland that specializes in books about crystals, tools, and enhanced items.


Sells 19 items

Alembic Building Alembic Building10,000
Blue Quartz Mining Blue Quartz Mining350
Book of Enhanced Armor Book of Enhanced Armor30,000
Book of Enhanced Items Book of Enhanced Items30,000
Book of Enhanced Weapons Book of Enhanced Weapons30,000
Crystal Mining Crystal Mining50
Crystal Processing Crystal Processing50
Crystal Technology Crystal Technology30
Diamond Mining Diamond Mining7,500
Diamond Processing Diamond Processing2,000
Emerald Mining Emerald Mining5,000
Emerald Processing Emerald Processing5,000
Quartz Mining Quartz Mining150
Rose Quartz Mining Rose Quartz Mining250
Ruby Mining Ruby Mining2,500
Ruby Processing Ruby Processing1,000
Sapphire Mining Sapphire Mining10,000
Sapphire Processing Sapphire Processing2,500
Vial Mold Building Vial Mold Building10,000