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NPC: Bronne

Location: Tarsengaard Secret Orc Cave

Coordinates: 175, 16

A member of the Black Cloaks who has downed a few too many and can be found talking to statues.


Speak the Words

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*As you dodge the orcs, you come across a very muscular man sporting a black cloak. He appears to be observing the shriEL-DB.comnes but speaks very loudly.* You may not be what we're looking for, but damn, you would be good for a zombie invasion.

What are you talking about?
*He jumps.* Whoa there, you scared me. Why do you gotta be sneaking up on a guy like that?

But you were talking to me...
Oh sorry for the confusion. I was actually talking to this statue here. It's not uncommon for me to talk to inanimate objects, especially if I've downed a few. *He laughs loudly.*

Zombie invasion
Come on, you've had to have seen skeletons wandering around the area, is it too hard to believe we can see corpses come back to life as well? I swear, it's going to be our demise. Just imagine watching your grandma die... Then seconds later, her body reanimates. She's now a minion of Mortos and part of the zombie legion. I mean really, dude, we'd all be shocked as hell!

You're weird.
Ya I get that all the time. Seriously though, I'm shocked the other Brothers didn't nickname me Oddball or Screwloose or something gay like that. I'm just glad my nickname makes sense. Zenith is pretty disappointed by his.

Who are you?
You can call me Bronne, like the paper towel. *He notices your puzzled look.* Ya.. never mind. But yup, I'm Bronne because it sounds like Brawny and that's what I am. *He flexes his muscles for you.*

What are you looking for?
Well, I'm on a special mission straight from Aaron himself. We're looking for something rumored to be hidden around here. I can't go into details, would break the Bond of Blood. I'm glad I'm in these parts now, I ran into a rather sexy lady when I ventured into the crypt. I never thought I'd find a warrior girl who looked as good as Vixen.

I thought this shrine here was the answer to what we were looking for, you know, witEL-DB.comh the orcs guarding it and all, but this is blowing my mind! I can't find anything!

Yeah, the Brotherhood of Black Cloaks. Don't know us? You must not go to Morcraven often. We run the show there, we're the big dogs. Most of our crew is based back in the Marsh, but you'll find a few of us elsewhere. Like me. *He laughs loudly again. You think this guy is coming off pretty obnoxiously.*

He's the leader of the Black Cloaks. Great guy and he's gotten me out of a pickle or two.

You know, like a problem? You see, this one time, I got really drunk one night and I chucked a lantern out of Bower's shop and it broke a window in the winery and landed right in their vat of grapes. Vesine was PISSED and banned be from the winery until Aaron came and bailed me out.

We covered the damages with some funds from our treasury and Aaron had a talk with me about my drinking. I still enjoy the occasional brew but I have my limits now, you know. Apparently I would also run my mouth when I drank, so I was a liability. But that's a different story. I still remember that night though. If you ask me, I have a pretty good shot-put arm.

But there is someone who gets in more trouble than I do and he was nicknamed Pickle. I'm so glad I wasn't dubbed with that nickname - it'd be horrible.

Bond of Blood
It's the ultimate proof of trust in our Brotherhood. The brothers who are making the promise take a dagger and slice open their palms. We tie our palms together with a strip from a fallen Brother's cloak and say a vow of faith. Breaking the bonds of Brotherhood and the bonds of trust are the ultimate betrayal, punishable by death.

Why are the orcs ignoring you?
Well it's pretty simple! I've been kicking their butts for ages now! They kept respawning like all other monsters EL-DB.comand I kept killing them. They both got pretty sick of it, so they leave me be for now. I severely overpower them.

He's one of the Brothers who probably isn't in Morcraven right now. Last I heard, he was on a mission in Naralik. But yeah, his nickname is Zenith because he's the tallest of all the Black Cloaks. Pretty lame if you ask me. I mean, if I gave him the nickname, it probably would have been Gigantor or Beanstalk or something.

But it was ole Snicks who named him. He was the only one who thought it was funny, but then again, Snicks thinks everything is funny.

She's a Sister among the Brothers. Well she's a Brother, but she's a girl. Dude, it's confusing to me. *He has a dumbfounded look on his face.* She's pretty fine if you ask me, but she could come close to kicking my butt in a sword fight.

Sexy lady
It was pretty spooky at first. I found the crypt and I heard singing echoing off the walls. I thought it was a ghost or something, but no, it was a beautiful girl in a yellow dress. Best part, she was owning some monster ass! She killed those trolls like it was nothing. Too bad she wasn't a little older. I like women who are like a fine wine: aged.

Peace out. Don't be a stranger!