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NPC: Bruno

Location: White Stone White Stone Militia Supplies Blacksmithing School

Coordinates: 199, 193

Start NPC for Quests:

  1. Manufacturing Tutorial

Bruno is the White Stone Manufacturing School instructor.


Speak the Words

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*Glancing up as you enter, a man nods in your direction. Gesturing toward of the chairs nearby he begins to speak.* Class will begin in just a moment.

Who are you?
I'm Bruno, your teacher. I work with Karn and Dan.

What class?
*He appears surprised by your question.* You are in the White Stone Militia Supplies Blacksmithing School. Aren't you here to learn more about manufacturing? Of course you are! This is the place to do it. Your manufacturing education will not come cheap. One way or another, you'll have to pay for what you learn.

Who are they?
Karn is the blacksmith who established this school. As you can tell by the school's name, he has a fondness for armor and weapons. He taught me all I know about manufacturing which he in turn learned from the revered dwarven master blacksmith Gerund. Dan works in White Stone city selling most of the books you'll need.

That's a mouthful.
The White Stone Militia Supplies Blacksmithing School? Sure, the name is a bit wordy isn't it. It came about after a conversation with Trik over by the docks. He is always looking for weapons and armor to buy and many of my students sell their practice creations to Trik directly. He is always appreciative, so I think the name celebrates our mutually beneficial relationship.

So is it expensive?
Like all other things, there is a price range involved. The more complicated a thing is to make, the more expensive it is. Don't worry, though, we'll start at the low end and work our way up. Ok? There are many things you can manufacture without investing in books or an Artificial nexus. To make them will require some needles and a large quantity of thread. Also, some travel will be required.

Most? What about the others?
The other books of manufacturing knowledge and lore can only be found when you kill something. Most everything you kill may magically produce a book of rare knowledge - books that are highly sought after by others who will pay handsomely for them. Some books are less frequently found than others. If you ask around, you can almost always find what you're looking for.

Needles and thread? Is that all?
Of course not. Don't be silly. For example: the first item all manufacturers begin to learn their craft are gloves made fEL-DB.comrom 3 brown rabbit furs and 2 thread. Of course you have to have a needle in your inventory so you can sew them together.

Travel? Where to?
To Irilion! You know. C2, the lost continent that was found again. It is a strange and wondrous place where there are fur-bearing creatures that cannot be found here on Seridia. But beware, there are dangerously deadly monsters there as well.

What else can be made?
Students begin on the warm fur gloves I've just described before moving on to fox scarves, fur hats, fur cloaks, racoon hats, and skunk hats. Then for their final exam, they are required to make leather gloves.

How do I get there?
The path you seek can be found right here in White Stone - not far from here, in fact. Find Sarma. He's a bald little gnome who discovered the route to Irilion. Once you talk to him, he'll tell you how to get to Irilion, though his way is not the only way. Crafters of powerful magic have been able to create beautiful rings that will instantly take you to different places - including Irilion.

Why leather gloves?
They are the first item a manufacturer makes that can easily be sold to harvesters of sulfur, cinnabar, dung, cactus, honey comb, or poison ivy. Even the most highly advanced manufacturer will still make leather gloves from time to time, more frequently than the other items I've listed for you. They'll still make the other items too, but they may get their components from Henrik.

What do students make next?
Before students can begin more advanced studies, they must have obtained their first Artificial nexus level from the Wraith. Once they've done that, they learn to make leather boots like the ones I'm wearing and fur boots. Additionally, they will have to have purchased hammers from Gerald, the blacksmith in White Stone City. Beyond that, they'll have to begin buying books from Dan.

Besides making weapons and armor, we make ring molds, medallion molds, mortars & pestles, vial molds, and alembics to name a few. These tools are useful for potioners, crafters, and alchemists. But, the vast majority of the items we manufacture are weapons and armor.

You can find Henrik in Tirnwood Vale. Just as Trik weapons and armor, Henrik buys furs and animal parts.

Take care. Stop by again next time you're in the area.