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NPC: Buga

Location: Nordcarn

Coordinates: 151, 51

A woman who hunts Joker, with intentions to someday marry him.


Speak the Words

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*A woman is whispering to herself in this remote location. At first, you're worried she may be crazy, bEL-DB.comut she looks normal enough as you approach her. You hear her mutter,* he must be around here somewhere.

Who is he?
*She twirls around to face you.* Oh why hello there. I'm speaking of the man they call Joker, of course. I travel the lands searching for him. My occupation is hunting: Joker hunting.

The man of my dreams of course! He is such a charitable man! He travels all over and gives out gifts to anyone who crosses his path. He has dashing good looks and a great fashion sense. Oh! And a great sense of humor! I will marry that man one day... but he is always on the run and so elusive. But I'm one of the best at tracking him! *She smiles.*

He certainly gives out some varied items! From potions to armors to magical stones... you never know what's up his sleeve. Ohh, I just love shiny things! He must be broke sometimes though with all his generosity because I've heard of him only giving out a loaf of bread to some.

He could be anywhere, everywhere and then some. I've traveled across all the continents, to every region and remote location you can think of in search of him. I've met so many great people in the process, too!

I know of the perfect spot! When I traveled to the lands of Palon Vertas, I came across this pastor named Caton and this lovely little shrine run by four sisters. I believe their names were Kaylynn, Jocelyn, Paige and Seline. But that little shrine would be PERFECT for our wedding. Then there was this lovely summoner girl named Ellia hanging around in the trees near the shrine.

There's also a rather cozy outhouse that I'm fond of there as well. It's just a pain to find it if you don't know your way around. *She giggles.*

Fashion sense
Of course! He probably learned his sense of style during visits to Glacmor! Oh what a booming town Dra Se'Lac is! There is so much youth among the aspiring designers there. I have my eye on a student EL-DB.comnamed Cara, I absolutely love her red leather designs. I expect her name to be the height of fashion one day... she has real talent. Which reminds me, I'm going to have to venture back to Glacmor soon

as I have to restock my special potion supply. There's a man named Ziggler found in the market there who sells miracle potions! The last batch he sold me didn't work, but that probably just means I'll need to use more. And I'll have to do lunch with Gianna. Hopefully she'll have time for me - she is the Grand Inspector after all!

Good looks
*She licks her lips.* Definitely. He is extremely handsome. But I must admit even his good looks can't compare to Caleigh. She lives in Aeth Aelfan and I don't think I've met a more beautiful creature than her! I mean, I don't bat for that team, but she is gorgeous. Duchess Guilia and Alassea are also quite beautiful - if only Alassea would smile more. I'll bring her a dandelion - they always cheer her up.

I've learned everything I know from my friends Hahn and Celeste. They are both extremely different people, but both masters of scouting. I usually track with Hahn into the mountains of White Stone where he often camps and cooks some tasty fish. Oh and speaking of cooking, be sure to stop by and visit Marbella in the City! She's a darling cook - I could eat her stewed carrots everyday!

My favorite remote location would have to be the Isles of the Forgotten. The scenery is absolutely divine with all the disappearing trees and such. If you haven't been there, you'll definitely have to seek out the hidden passage to these isles. Be sure to visit Ringa in the magic shop and she'll sell you some rings so you can get back any time! And be sure to say hello to Vani - she's a very powerful ally to have.

Imagine living in trees! That's what the elves of Willowvine Forest do! They've actually built their houses and cities among the treetops. I always think of bread when I think of Willowvine. My friend Hayden is a baker there and she makes the best bread and pastries. And Zimm is such a character. I'm glad a headmaster has so much personality - you can tell he put a lot of effort into the academy there.

The meditation room is by far one of the most serene places I've seen anywhere in the world. You HAVE to visit it. Just look out for Trowle. He's a reporter for the Association of Scribes and Scholars. Although I tend to like most of the ones I meet, that Trowle is a little too pushy for my tastes.

That reminds me of Wheeler! That little pyro is a student at that wonder of practicality, the Arius Magic School. He's got some really powerful fire magic, but has some trouble controlling it at times. One tEL-DB.comime, he blew up a bridge that I was walking on! Luckily, Vivian was working on the railroad at the time and grabbed me right before the bridge blasted into cinders. Boy, did he get scolded by Professor Knaz!

*Her stomach grumbles slightly.* Please don't mention food! I may be tempted to make a trip to Melinis! As long as you can dodge the chimerans there and make it into the city, there is a darling outdoor restaurant to eat at. The waitress, Peg, is so friendly. I really hope that she and Plenk get married soon, the tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife. *She giggles.*

It's a shame that such shady characters lurk around the city now. If you meet Sierra and Malik, I'd keep an eye on your gold if I were you. I almost feel like Merf is involved with them too, but I'll have to investigate that more when I visit Melinis next.

*She shivers.* Now that reminds me of Mount Sorrow in South Redmoon. While Redmoon seems more like a tropical island, if you climb to the top of the mountains, be sure to bring your furs - it's freezing! Elder Altra must like the chill because she lives on top of that mountain. I guess if she gets cold, she can just travel to the healing springs and take a nice, hot bath. I hope they cleared out that

pesky gnome from the springs. Last time I was there, I went to the ladies room to change and I found this gnome named Quaq staring at me from under the bench! I screamed so loud that Kaalife came running. She kicked that pervert out of the changing room, thankfully.

Such an eclectic group of people. And boy, are they well-traveled too! Basically anywhere I go, I meet a new reporter covering a different story. Their main office is in Idaloran, however, where Chariste and Terry are holding down the fort. I like to visit them sometimes, but I also run into Tacono when I visit Idaloran. He's an annoying noob who asks me for free stuff all the time. But I do like his accent.

I'm sorry for holding you up! I could go on for days and days of all the lands I've visited and the people I've met. If you ever want to hear more stories, just hunt me down! And if you catch wind of Joker, you let me know, hun!