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NPC: Buni

Location: Nordcarn

Coordinates: 5, 29

Start NPC for Quests:

  1. Buni's Armor Breaking

A Dwarf who guards the path between Nordcarn and Southern Kilaran from unwanted invaders.


Speak the Words

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You see an armor clad burly dwarven man gazing straight ahead in full concentratEL-DB.comion with a stern look in his eyes. He pays you no attention as you approach him.

Who are you?
They call me Buni. I am the guard of this here path to Southern Kilaran. You will find few dwarves like me.

What are you staring at?
I am on the lookout for unwanted invaders that may try to step foot on this land.

Any scum who does not wish to enter and leave Nordcarn peacefully is an invader and will be dealt with by me.

Southern Kilaran
Frightful place to venture into. The whole area is teeming with Ogres, Cyclops, and worst of all Fluffy Rabbits. It is a place only for the bravest and strongest of warriors.

Fluffy Rabbits
They are cute to most people. To me they're just edible. Beware though, these are not the normal weak rabbits. They're much stronger and... *He sighs dramatically.* ...fluffier.

You're a guard?
Aye, that I am. Do you see what I wear? I do not equip myself with such armor for the heck of it. Nordcarn has no army, though we have formed a militia to maintain the peace. I guard by day and patrol the city by night while Morumi tinkers away with missile defenses against the pirates when danger lies right beside us.

If any monsters wander in, I kill them. When I am off duty I'll even go over there and slaughter what I can. It helps keep them pushed back. BefoEL-DB.comre the militia was formed they crossed into Nordcarn often, killing many people in their path. There was a time when the graveyard almost filled.

Few like you
We dwarves by nature are crafters and miners, not warriors. Most see our small size as a downfall. I see it as an advantage. Fighting is a lot more useful than sitting in a smelly dark mine all day or hitting a piece of metal with a hammer if you ask me. You will find few dwarves who could match my prowess. *He pauses and looks to the sky.* Although, it makes me the odd dwarf out.

Odd dwarf out
When I was younger I worked as a ruby miner in my clan at the mines to the east. I knew my clan would not support me with such a strange obsession as fighting so I left on my own. Without the money my clan made, I took to fighting at the nearby arena to fund my training. I have talked to few fellow dwarves since then, only those in the militia like Custan.

Your armor
*He suddenly seems more interested in speaking.* This armor has protected my life many times. It is thicker than Ogre hide, yet light enough for me to maneuver around during battle and perform my guard duties with ease. It was specially forged for me by a great blacksmith who serves under Glilin by the name of Akiko.

A militia is like a less organized army and usually not well trained. Generally anyone willing to fight joins. Unlike armies the members of a militia are not paid; meaning people like me are here to fight for Nordcarn, not the payment of gold coins.

*He spits to the ground, accidentally hitting his boot.* Ruddy fiends have everyone worried. They seem to be coming in from the Riven Sea. I hear they have put a hardship on White Stone's trading. Since White Stone neighbors Nordcarn, we are in danger of pirate attacks as well. If it wasn't burden enough, now they've been finding ways to attack by air.

The graveyard is in the northeast of Nordcarn. The grave digger, Kohtag, lays to rest all dwarves who have perished and sees that they have a proper burial. It's worth a visit to pay your respects to our fallen. But watch out for Kohtag - he is unclean.

At the arena you can fight other people. Or if you're a pans- Er.. not partial to fighting you can always watch. Just be careful not to step inEL-DB.comside the arena or you might just find yourself unwillingly in a fight. Just follow the path east past the city walls and head north from there.

Akiko usually occupies the mine in Glilin's temple, slaving away. Her craftsmanship, with the help of Baostas, has been said to even rival Glilin. It was not easy bartering with her to forge for me but very well worth it. I've heard some dwarves think she is a mockery of Glilin, because she is an orchan following a dwarven craft. *He laughs.* Maybe I should switch passions with her.

*He glares* Glilin is the god of manufacturing. I say he is one of the most important gods to the dwarves. Those who serve under Glilin find themselves learning the trade of manufacturing more quickly. The priest Baostas could better explain it than I. He takes residence in Glilin's temple to the north.

He is the volunteer leader of the militia. He's a fair leader but he hasn't seen many battles. A lot of dwarves in the militia also fought in the Great War, but Custan didn't. Makes you wonder why he stepped up to be the leader.

I won't stain myself talking about an outcast like him. If you want to know more, seek him out.

Carry on.