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NPC: Caroline

Location: Nordcarn Nordcarn South Cave

Coordinates: 8, 92

A dwarf with short-term memory loss, who is investigating the possibility that the rubies in the south cave of Nordcarn are cursed.


Speak the Words

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*You see a youthful female Dwarf standing with her back toward you. She is holdEL-DB.coming up a pickaxe hesitantly* Hi there! Have we met? I don't believe we have...

Who are you?
My name is Caroline. I have lived here as long as I can remember. You would think I should feel at home here, but to tell the truth I don't really like Nordcarn.

No, we haven't met.
Oh, please do excuse me. *She blushes slightly* I have a slight case of short term memory loss. Or something like that...

What are you doing?
Well, the other day I heard Patrick say something about cursed rubies, so I decided to conduct some research and I found a whole lot of interesting information. Now I'm trying to decide whether or not to try mining them. I think. Or maybe I was... oh never mind, something along those lines.

Memory loss
Yes, well... *She blushes again and giggles nervously* I used to try to learn magic from Atekel. One day I saw her do a true sight spell, and was quite impressed. Even though I knew I wasn't ready, I experimented some myself. And BAM! Now all I really ever remember are stories and personalities. *She frowns and looks at her feet, embarrassed*

That's the land we're in right now. Well, not really in, more like under... We are in the mines right? Sure looks like it. Anyhow, Nordcarn is part of the Dwarven kingdom along with Valley of the Dwarves, but that's obvious. *She giggles* Sorry for my dry humor. Where were we?

Oh yes, and there is also a whole kingdom below all that as well! Mines or something, I guess. Us dwarves are great miners after all. I also recall Druppel saying something about it being the gnomish kingdom as well, but you should talk to her about that.

Why not?
This place is so dull and strange, just like the people. It seems like everyone here has a condition. I mean, sometimes they're nice and... there are some cool things here. Like the other dEL-DB.comay I was walking and suddenly my head went straight through a rock and... rats, never mind. I actually prefer the mines to the upper world. I've heard that's something typical for dwarves.

He knows a bunch about the mines and the history of Nordcarn. He can be kind of creepy though and he seems rather suspicious to me. At some point he even told me he was a thie... *She stops herself in the middle of the sentence* Oh jellybeans, I shouldn't have said that. Can you keep a secret?

Interesting information
Well you see, I visited some libraries, and Telia and I figured this out: a long, long time ago a colony of thuggish dwarves came to Nordcarn. They were incredibly skilled miners, but really quite rude. They mined whatever they liked, as much as they liked, and whenever they liked. At the same time a strange elf visited the mines. He had strange powers and said he could alter worlds if he liked.

The rude dwarves didn't believe him and challenged him countless times. One day when he was in the mine, they cornered him with about a hundred other men. They told him he had to make rubies in the wall that never ran out. The man refused to unbalance the mines and the dwarves attacked. They say that then all of a sudden a powerful black bear came and bit their heads off.

The bear took the bodies with him and disappeared. The man then mounted the heads of the dwarves on the walls. With the blood they had lost, he made rubies that never run out. He then cursed the rubies with these words: 'May all those who desecrate these rubies with greed be hung upon this wall to perish like those who have perished before them.'

To this day, some mothers tell this story to their children who misbehave saying, 'Don't misbehave. That bear is still around looking for naughty children to eat.'. My goal now is to discover what he meant with those words and where he and the bear went. *She chuckles*

Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry. I forgot to mention who she is. Atekel runs the magic store. It is incredible that a dwarf has superior magic skills. If you ask me, she's even amazing! Only, she doesn't know about my accident...Or was she there? Oh well. One way or another, I'm embarrassed to talk to her now. *She looks down at her feet* Well, I'll try to forget about that. That's not that hard for me after all.

She's the water bearer for the miners...Or at least I think she is. She brings us drinks and sometimes I spot Patrick escorting her through the cave. Or was Nestor? Not sure. She had some kind of accident with a radon pouch at some point, and I find her rather emotional. I can't help but feel sorry for her though.

Of course
Well, I probably shouldn't tell you this, but Patrick is a thief. He never comes here, so he doesn't steal from me. I bet he's really superstitious...Or something.

You remembered all that!
Yeah, I thought I told you I remembered stories. Or was that some one else? Well you know now, if you didn't before.

Why do you ask? Did I mention her? Oh yeah, about the rubies and all that. She's a bookseller, or no, wait... buyer. She buys books for the libraries, so that's why I visited her...I think.

Just like everyone here, he's working on discovering stuff about the past and how it affected the future. He has an interesting theory about where amber comes from and the currency plans of King Gondric. He's a crafter. I believe he's trying to make jewelry out of amber. Interesting Gnome, you should try talking to him, if you can get what he's saying.

King Gondric
I believe his full name is King Gondric Mithrilfist. He was elected as king of all dwarves and also rules the gnomes I believe. He's nice and affectionate. He also is going to try to solve the war's currency problems...wait, that's not right. Oh yeah, he's going to solve our healthcare problems by starting a war... That doesn't sound right either. Oh well. Nestor says that's a bad idea, but I don't remember why.

Ok, see you later. It was nice talking to you. We did talk, right? *As you walk away you hear her mutter.* Right, so I was going to...uh...aaw pig brains!