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NPC: Caton

Location: Palon Vertas

Coordinates: 99, 187

Start NPC for Quests:

  1. Church Builder

A pastor in Palon Vertas whose church is in ruins.


Speak the Words

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You see the ruins of an old church. Inside a man is attempting to clear aEL-DB.comway the rubble. He turns as you approach and welcomes you with a smile.

Who are you?
Hello traveler my name is Caton, I am a pastor. Have you been enjoying your wanderings around Palon Vertas?

It's beautiful
This whole area was ruined when the ground caved in as the underground tunnels were dug deep below the city and surrounding lands here, but I have been thinking about rebuilding this old church.

No, I don't like nature.
Oh, well most people find this area very beautiful. In fact I thought it might be a good idea to rebuild this church. It was ruined when the ground caved in as the underground tunnels were dug right below this entire area.

Why rebuild it?
Well Palon Vertas is a very popular spot for weddings and most take place in the little chapel in the south west, attended by the Sisters. It is very intimate, with beautiful stained glass windows and the Vormus River runs by outside. This area is also a very beautiful place and I think people would enjoy getting married here and honey mooning in the surrounding area, just listen to those birds singing away.

*He inhales deeply* And smell those flowers, really this is the perfect spot for a wedding. If we could rebuild the church I could officiate the ceremonies. I just hope the mayor's wife is up to all the paperwork a project like this requires.

Mayor's wife?
Yes, JoLynne has many jobs. She is the mayor's acting secretary, a messenger, she collects taxes, issues permits and is also a notary public. I don't know how she does it all!

Oh of course, permits, licenses, fees, taxes, plans, contractors. She would also issue marriage licenses. A proEL-DB.comject like this is a huge under taking but it will benefit all of Palon Vertas. If anyone is up to it JoLynne is.

Underground tunnels?
Yes there are many ways to enter the underground but most are old secrets or are very well hidden. During the Great War the tunnels were also used to escape invading hordes.

What secrets?
If I told you then they wouldn't be secrets anymore. *His eyes twinkle with mischief as he chuckles* Sorry, I couldn't resist. Actually I couldn't tell you if I wanted to. I am not a native to this part of Irilion. I have yet to learn the secrets myself, I have only heard stories. You will most likely hear of this again, perhaps the next person you meet will be a native and better able to help you.

Though I have been told that you can find your way in if you posses an inquisitive enough nature and a stubborn spirit.

The Great War?
Surely you have heard such a well known and epic tale of our great lands.

Sure. Tell me about Underground
Well I have yet to explore them but I have been told many rare and valuable plants and minerals can be found there as well as handy shortcuts around Palon Vertas and to neighboring parts of Irillion. Some say the souls of those lost in the Great War haunt the tunnels, that sometimes you can hear whispers of the fallen carried on eerie winds.

Do you think that is true?
About the ghosts and souls haunting the tunnels? No. I don't believe in ghosts, most likely the stories are just products of peoples overactive imaginations. the underground?
*He pauses thoughtfully* Yes...I never thought of that before. If you ever do find your way intEL-DB.como the tunnels you will have to be sure to tell me what you find. If you get out again that is.

Anything else about the area?
Well like I said, I am new to these parts of Irillion, but I have already heard numerous people commenting on the many varied resources that can be found in and around the town of Salingen. There are also caves that hold many useful minerals. Of course there is the magic school where you can find Grandmaster of Water Osreng, and the library if you can find the entrance.

But again, Mayor Morton can give you far more information about this area than I can.

They are the keepers of the shrine. While the shrine is where I perform most of my marriage ceremonies, it is also used as a place of worship for Unolas, Aluwen, Elandria and Jayden. The sisters are basically priests for those gods, but nothing like the priests you will find on Seridia for those deities. You'll find elaborate temples for the gods there.

I even heard a rumor of an extra room in the shrine to honor Jayden, but I haven't found it yet. I'm probably just bad at discovering secrets. Heck, there would be a secret right in front of me and I wouldn't realize it.

My pleasure, safe travels. Stop by again if you are in the area, especially if you find that special someone and would like a picturesque spot to tie the noose, *mischief sparkles in his eyes again* excuse me, the KNOT.