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NPC: Christina

Location: White Stone Drunken Pony Tavern

Coordinates: 152, 25

Christina has had more than one too many drinks at the Drunken Pony Tavern.


Speak the Words

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*You see a human woman hunched over her mug of ale. She looks lonely, but also very content. She stares down into her mug as though she saw somEL-DB.comething of great importance, then looks up and yells* Hey Diana! Love what you've done with your hair, shugar! *Her eyes drop back to her mug.*

Who are you?
*She looks up slowly, her eyes are half closed but she smiles with warmth and genuine pleasure at you.* Ohhh... Ello. Did you jusss get here? My name es Chrishtinas *hic* She giggles, reaches up and eventually touches the side of her nose before whispering.* Alwaysh make nice to the one sherving the drinksh... *She nods as though she's given you a great truth.*

Mind if I have a seat?
*She pats the seat next to her.* Shuuure no problem. *hic* Make yourshelf comfortable. *She seems to try to open her eyes a little wider. She perks her head up in a jerky movement and gives you a sharp look.* You shay shomethin'? *She glances at the barkeep and mumbles incoherently.*

Are you okay?
Why do you ashk? Don't I look okay? *She nervously wipes at her face then pats down her hair.* Actually, I'm in training. Hahhaha. Her brow furrows as she tries to focus on you. Shtop movin' around sho much! *She blinks repeatedly.* I'm between dip... *hic* lomatic ashignmentsh.

Hahhh!!! Don' inshult me like that. No, but they'd be losht without my talentsh. I know exotic languagesh. I'm the besht interpreter you'll likely find! But I do everything the diplomatsh do, sho I gotta be pre-... pre-... uhmm... ready.

You betcha. You never know when you're gonna need t' out drink another diplomat at the bargaining tablesh. *She brings the mug up to her lips and drinks heartily, slamming the mug down hard and belching loudly.* In shome cultures, I juss complemented the hosht and hoshteshhshsh. Juss 'tween you an' me, Diana hates it when I do that. Shhhh... That'sh our li'l shecret.

So what does Vemu mean?
*She rolls her eyes at you.* You teshting me? Hahhh. Easy enough. The way you shaid it, it'sh dwarven for 'Hello', but try shaying that to an Orchan and watch out. In Orchan it'sh inshulting and it meansh 'dirt'.

Dirt? That doesn't sound all that bad.
*She turns to face you. Her expression is suddenly quite serious.* It'sh a shpecial kind of dirt: the kind you clean off the bottom of your shoe after walking behind a feran EL-DB.comall day. *She sighs, shakes her head, then takes another drink.* Shometime, remind me to tell you how I learned Orchan. *Her eyes and her head return to inspecting her mug.*

Hope to shee you around shometime shpoon *hic* She waves absently before taking another gulp from her mug.* Hahhh!! Shpoon. That'sh a good one. Hahhahaha...